Thursday! Good and Fresh Produce for sale TOMORROW at Bee Healthy :)

snap peas

Group B- Buyer’s Group AND Walk-in’s WELCOME–10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Best selection earlier in the day…. Diamond S Delights will be sharing the back room with us so you can buy direct from the milk farmer those great raw milk products!  Janet at Bee Healthy is stocking more and more great items, too–spend some time shopping!

Group B-  Administrator’s Special Box contains 5# of our Satina potatoes and a Jumbo Sierra Blanca white onion (one of the best!).  We have added 1# Broccoli, 2 Cucumbers and a Yellow Sweet Bell Pepper, Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix, 3 Heirloom Oranges (=2#) and some organic Ginger Root, and 2 Honey Bear Acorn Squash with specific directions on how to cook them for the most enjoyment and nutrition….we’re all about nutrition and health and feeling good!-$25

Take advantage of the Heirloom Oranges this time of year–order 38# box for $50 ($1.30/#) or a Half Box for $27.50 ($1.44/#) or buy some Thursday ($1.50/#).  These are soooo goood!  They are freshly harvested in California and very juicy, easy to peel– store in a cool place.  Don’t miss out on an excellent source of Vitamin C, a great anti-viral–important as we enter into the cold and flu season–

Lots of EXTRA’s for sale to stock your kitchen and help with healthy meals of fruits, veggies, greens, herbs, and more….New item this week organic Cherry Tomatoes-on-the-vine- $4.75!  More of the organic Snap Peas, too.  🙂

See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife


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