LAST WEEK of FALL FRIDAY SALES- December 15th, ORDER by Tuesday, December 12th


Well, folks, this is the LAST Special Box for the Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy.  We still have some goodies left in fall storage, but Christmas is around the corner, and then we move into the Buyer’s Group, a once a week offering at Bee Healthy on Thursday’s starting January 4th, 2018–  2018 WHAT AN ODD SOUND! (Watch for Sign-up’s)

This week’s Special Box is a HOMEMADE Pumpkin Pie from scratch (Yep, you heard me RIGHT!), 5# French Red Potatoes, Red Zeppelin Onion, 2# Carrots, 3#-4# head of green cabbage (Kaitlin), and a Winter Sweet Kabocha$30 cost.  As always, an Info Sheet with Recipes is included.

Do not DELAY!  Limited number of boxes available–especially if I’m baking pies for 3 days–first come, first serve!  email or text to 431-1219.  Reservation Deadline– Tuesday midnight!  

Happy Holidays and a very merry Jesus Season!  The Farmer’s Wife



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