Reminder! BOXES for PU at Bee Healthy


For those that reserved Special Boxes of Veggies, they are ready for Pick Up tomorrow (Friday- Dec 8) at Bee Healthy, 10:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  Cost is $25- check or cash.   We have added a surprise item!

Thank you to all that participated in the Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy!  We have tried to do our part in providing you a variety of fresh veggies into mid-December, and you have done a great job in supporting our endeavor!  We had 84 participants!!   

If you want a Special Box for December 15th (our last Special Box for the season), let me know–   or    text  431-1219.  There will only be 25 available.

The contents of the last box will be 5# bag French Red or Satina potatoes, Red Zeppelin onion, Kaitlin cabbage (4# avg), 1# or 2# Cosmic carrots or a Rainbow Mix, a winter squash (most likely Winter Sweet Kabocha)…possibly some broccoli or herbs if they have survived the cold night-time temps in the high tunnel.  Boxes will be priced by the Sunday post when we have confirmed what is available for the last week.


Stay TUNED for Buyer’s Group…starts the first Thursday in January…Sign Up’s last week in December.  Cost to join is 0…cost to participate is $25/week for the Administrator’s Special:  A variety of organic veggies from Spokane Produce and Lloyd Craft Farms.    THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife

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