This WEEK–Yukon Potatoes & Colossal Candy Onion…

Among other things!  This is the first box in December, only 2 more remain and then we break for Christmas and family…we start up in January with the “Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome.”

Buyer’s Group is not all our stuff–like the Special Boxes for Fall Friday’s–but it is organic and fresh and once a week at Bee Healthy.  (We most likely will have our own onions and potatoes and cabbage all winter.)  Sign-up’s needed to assure the minimum order is met with the vendor (this program cost us more to do), but Walk-in’s Welcome!  Buyer’s Group members guarantee the program is stable, Walk-in’s provide the extra sales that help us make our truck and house payments–  🙂  Support LOCAL and FRESH!


Order Tuesday (today) before midnight for pick up at Bee Healthy Friday, $25 this week.  

Email or text 431-1219 to assure your BOX is reserved– I will send a confirmation.  🙂   Limited number available.

This week’s box is Yukon Gem Potatoes, Candy onion, Broccoli/Cauliflower florets, Cosmic carrots, Brussels sprouts stalk, Celeriac, Butternut Squash, and Info Sheet with Recipes! 

More detail at , Sunday Post.



Hope to count you in for a Box this week–Don’t miss out–only a few more weeks!  The Farmer’s Wife

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