Special VEGGIE Box—Order by TUESDAY, NOV 14th

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What can I say about Fingerlings?  Well, probably that most folks don’t know what they are and therefore might not even want to try them. 

What can I say about Cipollini?  Well, probably that most people are skeptical of saucer shaped ‘little onions’, and therefore might not even want to try them.

What can I say about Cauliflower?  Well, everyone knows what cauliflower is, but many have never had it fresh, and if they are going by what it may taste like from the store, they might not want to try it!  You get the gist— 🙂


Fingerlings are one of the most tender potatoes and much easier to cook than the standard.  You don’t peel them, they are thin skinned and tender.  I would suggest boiling them—I’ll put a simple recipe in the box for you! 

Cipollini’s are a taste treat, too.  My favorite use is cooked with the Broccolini in the cast iron skillet:  boil broccolini in a little water to steam it tender, drain any excess water, and then add olive oil, chopped Cipollini, salt and pepper, and cook until tender and sweet—both the broccolini and the Cipollini!  I even like mine a little caramelized! 

And the Cauliflower?  The internet is awash with all sorts of ways to prepare cauliflower, but my favorite is to place it in a saucepan with an inch or two of water and steam it until it is fork-tender.  Then I drizzle melted butter over the top and cut it into pie slices for each person eating.  The fresher the cauliflower, the better the flavor! 

FYI—I cook the Brussels sprouts the same way as the Broccolini—cast iron skillet, parboiled, then cooked in oil and salt and peppered!  Simple, fast, and nutritious! Other Box Items are Rainbow Carrots, Broccolini, and a Buttercup Squash—all equally adventurous…  🙂

RESERVE YOUR BOX by Email to craftterri@rtconnect.net or text to 431-1219–order by Tuesday midnight for delivery Friday to Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave–Pay at Pick Up–$28  🙂

Give the Special Box a try—What do you have to lose?  An Adventure??  —- The Farmer’s Wife

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