Week 3- Special Boxes for Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy

FYI–I still have BOXES of VEGGIES to reserve for delivery this week–Tuesday at Midnight is the deadline.  Don’t put it off and miss out!  

Order by email (craftterri@rtconnect.net) or text (431-1219)– limited quantities–truly locally grown right here in the Big Horn Basin!

The new item this week is a stalk of Brussels Sprouts–fun to cook, easy to hold until ready.  Pop the stalk in a vase until ready to dine on it, but don’t hold too long, FRESH is best!  Easy to cook:  pop the sprouts off the stalk, I cut mine in half to cook more evenly.  Parboiling for a minute or two will help to tenderize the sprout.  They can be cooked in the oven at 350 degrees, or in a cast iron fry pan.  Some grille them, too.  There is a recipe on our website for Balsamic Vinegar, Craisins, and Brussels Sprouts–very yummy!

Other items in the box are Red Potatoes and Sierra Blanca White Onion (one of our best sellers), Broccoli, head of white Cauliflower and a baby head of Cheddar or Vitaverde (green) or Graffiti (purple), Shredded cabbage, Bravo (purple) Daikon Radish, and this week’s winter squash is Spaghetti (easiest squash ever to cook!)–


The Farmer’s Wife

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