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This WEEK–Yukon Potatoes & Colossal Candy Onion…

Among other things!  This is the first box in December, only 2 more remain and then we break for Christmas and family…we start up in January with the “Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome.”

Buyer’s Group is not all our stuff–like the Special Boxes for Fall Friday’s–but it is organic and fresh and once a week at Bee Healthy.  (We most likely will have our own onions and potatoes and cabbage all winter.)  Sign-up’s needed to assure the minimum order is met with the vendor (this program cost us more to do), but Walk-in’s Welcome!  Buyer’s Group members guarantee the program is stable, Walk-in’s provide the extra sales that help us make our truck and house payments–  🙂  Support LOCAL and FRESH!


Order Tuesday (today) before midnight for pick up at Bee Healthy Friday, $25 this week.  

Email or text 431-1219 to assure your BOX is reserved– I will send a confirmation.  🙂   Limited number available.

This week’s box is Yukon Gem Potatoes, Candy onion, Broccoli/Cauliflower florets, Cosmic carrots, Brussels sprouts stalk, Celeriac, Butternut Squash, and Info Sheet with Recipes! 

More detail at , Sunday Post.



Hope to count you in for a Box this week–Don’t miss out–only a few more weeks!  The Farmer’s Wife

We’re BACK! and so are Special BOXES!


Thanksgiving in Colorado was delightful!  Thanks Lindsay, Jonathon, Jonah, Michele, Chris, Ayla, Brody, Ollie, and Jared–and thanks Kaleb for holding down the  “fort” in our absence!  

We will have VEGGIE BOXES for this Friday, December 1stOrder Tuesday before midnight for pick up at Bee Healthy Friday, $25 this week.  

Email or text 431-1219 to assure your BOX is reserved– I will send a confirmation.  🙂   Limited number available.

Special Box contents:

*5# bag Yukon Gem Potatoes (full of flavor, great mashed or fried, medium size)

*Colossal size sweet yellow Candy onion

*Broccoli/Cauliflower bag of florets

*2# bag Cosmic carrots, sweet orange hearts, red-purple skins high in antioxidants!

*Brussels sprout stalk, fresh from the garden!

*Celeriac (celery root) for that celery flavor in a crisp bulb, stores longer than celery in your fridge

*Butternut squash-all time favorite, very versatile!

Also included in the Box is an Info/Recipe sheet:  how to get the best use and storage of our veggies.  For instance–the onions are not dried but fresh, so they store in the fridge.  Celeriac has many uses in soups, stews, meatloaf, or salads.  Butternut recipes that are easy–


Hope to hear from you soon!  The Farmer’s Wife


Fall Friday, Special Boxes at Bee Healthy tomorrow for Pick UP–


Greetings!  This week’s boxes are ready for Pick Up at Bee Healthy, Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Cost is $28–check or cash, pay at Pick Up.  Next Boxes will be available for reservation Tuesday, November 28th, with Pick Up Friday, December 1st.  Box contents will be posted Sunday, November 26th.

Don’t forget to check out Bee Healthy’s gift items and Janet’s healthy inventory.  She stocks our 1# bags of Cosmic Carrots, Yukon Gem potatoes, Cauliflower, Cipollini’s, and a variety of Winter Squash.  Also, Diamond S Delights- Hyattville will be at Bee Healthy Friday from 3:30 to 5:30–take the opportunity to purchase raw milk products, and enjoy milk with all its enzymes active!  The soft cheeses and Feta in Oil are good additions to any menu!

Happy Thanksgiving next week!  The Farmer’s Wife

Last CALL! No Veggie Boxes Next Week- Thanksgiving!



Today is the last day to reserve this week’s Special Box– $28, Pick Up at Bee Healthy Friday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.  

Order by email or text to 431-1219.  Tuesday midnight deadline.  No EXTRA Boxes this week– Next Box December 1st–

SPECIAL BOX this week-– 3# French Fingerlings, 2 Red Cipollini onions, last of the Cauliflower for the season, 2# Cosmic Carrots (purple skin, orange flesh, and sweet), 1/2# Broccolini, Brussels Sprouts on the stalk, Buttercup Squash, and an Info Sheet with Fingerling recipe.

Box Ingredients are fresh and will keep for a couple of weeks…Potatoes and onions in a cool, dark place, rest in the fridge.  Enjoy locally grown veggies with FLAVOR!

The Farmer’s Wife


Special VEGGIE Box—Order by TUESDAY, NOV 14th

Red thumb fingerlins                 business-card


What can I say about Fingerlings?  Well, probably that most folks don’t know what they are and therefore might not even want to try them. 

What can I say about Cipollini?  Well, probably that most people are skeptical of saucer shaped ‘little onions’, and therefore might not even want to try them.

What can I say about Cauliflower?  Well, everyone knows what cauliflower is, but many have never had it fresh, and if they are going by what it may taste like from the store, they might not want to try it!  You get the gist— 🙂


Fingerlings are one of the most tender potatoes and much easier to cook than the standard.  You don’t peel them, they are thin skinned and tender.  I would suggest boiling them—I’ll put a simple recipe in the box for you! 

Cipollini’s are a taste treat, too.  My favorite use is cooked with the Broccolini in the cast iron skillet:  boil broccolini in a little water to steam it tender, drain any excess water, and then add olive oil, chopped Cipollini, salt and pepper, and cook until tender and sweet—both the broccolini and the Cipollini!  I even like mine a little caramelized! 

And the Cauliflower?  The internet is awash with all sorts of ways to prepare cauliflower, but my favorite is to place it in a saucepan with an inch or two of water and steam it until it is fork-tender.  Then I drizzle melted butter over the top and cut it into pie slices for each person eating.  The fresher the cauliflower, the better the flavor! 

FYI—I cook the Brussels sprouts the same way as the Broccolini—cast iron skillet, parboiled, then cooked in oil and salt and peppered!  Simple, fast, and nutritious! Other Box Items are Rainbow Carrots, Broccolini, and a Buttercup Squash—all equally adventurous…  🙂

RESERVE YOUR BOX by Email to or text to 431-1219–order by Tuesday midnight for delivery Friday to Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave–Pay at Pick Up–$28  🙂

Give the Special Box a try—What do you have to lose?  An Adventure??  —- The Farmer’s Wife

SUNDAY, SUNDAY- New Box for this week–


This is the 4th SPECIAL BOX OF VEGGIES–  7 that will be offered this Fall!  Our Special Box Program for Fall Friday Sales runs October 27th through December 15th, no box November 24th (Thanksgiving)–

Order by Tuesday, midnight, for delivery Friday at Bee Healthy.  Cost $28–pay at Pick Up- check or cash.  To reserve your box email or text 431-1219.  All Fresh and raised right here in the Big Horn Basin at Lloyd Craft Farms, Worland.  Limited number of boxes–Don’t delay!


Contents this week – order by November 14th for delivery November 17th, 2017: 

Potato— 3# French Fingerling Potatoes–no need to wash, just boil, broil, fry, or roast-EASY and colorful, great texture and flavor!

Onion--2 Red Marble Cipollini.  Cipollini’s are saucer shaped and usually smaller in size.  They have a strong flavor raw, but cooked!–they are one of the best– 🙂

Cauliflower– White head

Carrots- 2# of Rainbow (if not enough some of the boxes may have Cosmic carrots)

Broccolini–last of the season–1/2#–Dynamite flavor and high in nutrition–Eat the leaves!

Brussels Sprouts Stalk–FRESH and tender sprouts, full of flavor.  Easy to cook– snap small sprouts off the stalk, then cook them and throw the stalk away.

Buttercup Squash

INFO Sheet always included–


Bulk items for sale, too–Potatoes, Onions, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts.  Check it out at, Fall Bulk Sales page.  These can be ordered for Pick Up at The Farm Friday’s.  $20 minimum order.


Support Local and Fresh–THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife

Special Boxes at Bee Healthy tomorrow!- 10:00 am to 5:30 pm


Special Boxes for Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy tomorrow for those that reserved one– AND there is 1 EXTRA for someone who did not reserve one!  $28, pay at Pick Up–check or cash. 

Box contents:  5# Red Potatoes and White Onion, 1# Broccoli, White Cauliflower and a smaller head of purple, cheddar, or green, Spaghetti Squash, Brussels Sprout stalk, 1-1/2# shredded Kaitlin cabbage, and a Bravo (purple) Daikon Radish with a recipe for lacto-fermentation.  Info Sheet, too.

If you want to add bulk items include information in your email or text when you reserve your box.  (You can order bulk items without the Special Box.)  Bulk items or add-on’s to the Special Box are picked up Friday’s at The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten, instead of Bee Healthy.

Bulk items:  10# and 20# bags of potatoes (5 varieties, including Fingerlings), 10# bags of onions, 5# bags of carrots, Brussels sprouts on the stalk, cauliflower, winter squash, and lots of cabbage.  All for sale at The Farm–1049 Washakie Ten, Friday’s. Prices for Bulk are listed at , Fall Bulk Sales page.

Order Special Boxes and Bulk items by email , or text to 431-1219.  Order by Tuesday to allow time to get the boxes and order together.

Smaller quantities of Lloyd Craft Farms veggies are for sale at Bee Healthy, Tuesday through Saturday–1# bags of Cosmic Carrots, Brussels sprouts stalks, White Cauliflower, Yukon Gem potatoes by the pound, and Winter Squashes of all kinds.

Did you miss the Special Box this week?  OR are you ready for another?  Either way, watch for the post on Sunday letting you know what is available for this third week in November, and the cost.  Reserve your Special Box by Tuesday for delivery to Bee Healthy on Friday. Limited quantities of Special Boxes–If not specifically noted, your Special Box will be at Bee Healthy on Friday.

The Farmer’s Wife


LAST CALL for THIS WEEK’s BOX! Deadline Midnight–


We have 5 BOXES left for delivery to Bee Healthy Friday–  text 431-1219 or email to .  All veggies locally and organically grown–with LOVE!

How do you cook a Spaghetti SQUASH?  Cut the ends off (not to expose the seed cavity, just enough to expose the flesh and allow heat in), place WHOLE into the oven at 350 degrees. Bake an hour or until squeezing the sides shows it is tender and ready to eat!  Remove from oven, cool a bit, then cut in half and scoop out the seeds.  The inner meat will peel out resembling the ‘spaghetti’ that it is so named after.  Serve with Spaghetti Sauce, or as a side with garlic butter.  

Other box items:  5# Red Norland Potatoes and a JUMBO Sierra Blanca White Onion (one of our best), bag of Broccoli, head of white Cauliflower and a baby head of Cheddar or Vitaverde (green) or Graffiti (purple), Shredded cabbage, Stalk of Brussels SproutsBravo (purple) Daikon Radish (great fermented with Garlic–probiotic for the gut), and this week’s winter squash is Spaghetti!–


The Farmer’s Wife

Week 3- Special Boxes for Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy

FYI–I still have BOXES of VEGGIES to reserve for delivery this week–Tuesday at Midnight is the deadline.  Don’t put it off and miss out!  

Order by email ( or text (431-1219)– limited quantities–truly locally grown right here in the Big Horn Basin!

The new item this week is a stalk of Brussels Sprouts–fun to cook, easy to hold until ready.  Pop the stalk in a vase until ready to dine on it, but don’t hold too long, FRESH is best!  Easy to cook:  pop the sprouts off the stalk, I cut mine in half to cook more evenly.  Parboiling for a minute or two will help to tenderize the sprout.  They can be cooked in the oven at 350 degrees, or in a cast iron fry pan.  Some grille them, too.  There is a recipe on our website for Balsamic Vinegar, Craisins, and Brussels Sprouts–very yummy!

Other items in the box are Red Potatoes and Sierra Blanca White Onion (one of our best sellers), Broccoli, head of white Cauliflower and a baby head of Cheddar or Vitaverde (green) or Graffiti (purple), Shredded cabbage, Bravo (purple) Daikon Radish, and this week’s winter squash is Spaghetti (easiest squash ever to cook!)–


The Farmer’s Wife

Sunday Post for Friday Special Boxes!

We’ll be working on new veggie boxes this week for delivery to Bee Healthy on Friday, November 10th–

$28- order by email ( or text (431-1219) by TUESDAY, November 7th, midnight.  Limited number of boxes available–don’t wait!

This week’s Box:

5# Red Norland Potatoes— organically raised, nice size and flavor
Jumbo Sierra Blanca White Onion–super wonderful onion!
Broccoli–last harvest of the season
Cauliflower–Medium white head and a baby head of Cheddar (orange), Vitaverde (green), or Graffiti (purple)
Cabbage–tender and sweet shredded
Brussels Sprouts— on the stalk, easy to use and enjoy– FRESH, no comparison to store-bought or frozen!
Bravo (purple) Daikon Radish–buy extra and ferment them with garlic!
Spaghetti Squash–EASY to cook

Box includes an INFO Sheet with suggestions on preparation and recipes.



Thanks for supporting FRESH and LOCAL– The Farmer’s Wife