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BEE HEALTHY today for RESERVED Special Boxes

There are 24 Fall Friday Special Boxes at Bee Healthy today.  This reminder is for those that Reserved a box of veggies!  Pay Janet your $28, either check made payable to Lloyd Craft Farms, or cash (sorry no debit at this time).

There are also TWO EXTRA BOXES for sale to Walk-in’s (no Snack Peppers) –$25.  Contents are 3# Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings, Large or Jumbo Sierra Blanca white onion, Butternut Squash, 2 Bell Peppers with sprig of Parsely, 2# bag of Cosmic Carrots.  Info Sheet with recipes– for Today only

THANKS!  Great start for this first week of Fall Friday Sales with Pick Up at Bee Healthy–Stay tuned for the Sunday Posting of next week’s box.  Order by Tuesday to assure you have those great veggies from our garden! Pick Up’s every Friday at Bee Healthy for those Reserved BOXES.  This will run until the week before Christmas–business-card

The Farmer’s Wife