Fall Friday Boxes– Some Still Available!


Good news!  You can still reserve your box of fresh veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms–I have 16 left–but don’t wait too long…We start putting them together Wednesday–$28, to be picked up Friday at Bee Healthy. No membership required…order weekly as needed.  

Boxes to contain freshly dug potatoes, recently dried and full of flavor Jumbo onions, snack and bell peppers, fresh white cauliflower, Cosmic carrots, and fresh parsley–all organically raised and harvested within the last week with the exception of the Yum Yum Peppers and the Bell Peppers which were harvested before the first frost of the season.

Can we count you in?   🙂    The Farmer’s Wife


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  1. Please save us one box……………………jr. and marlene bower

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