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A BIG Thank YOU!

A BIG thank YOU to all the folks who came out this year and gathered their farm fresh veggies and supported our efforts to bring in good food for good health!  The CSA is finished for this year (nearly) and now we work hard to glean what we can from the garden.  Here’s what our ‘to-do’ list looks like for the next 3-4 weeks:

  1. Haul the pumpkins in and to Reese’s and Ray’s IGA for sale.  (SUPPORT LOCAL!)  Donate seconds to the Circle J Apple Festival (October 14th in the Ten Sleep Canyon)
  2. Row cover the Deadon Cabbage which will be harvested in November
  3. Build the end panels for the high tunnel so it can be enclosed this winter and ready for the snap peas and greens we plant in March, WHILE WE…
  4. Continue hauling in the Winter Squash and storing it in the cooler and newly constructed bins in the Shelter (install Shelter heater when it arrives to prevent stored goodies from freezing…no insulation at this point…cost too much)
  5. Dig potatoes and bag and store–notify folks when done–can be purchased for a reasonable price (potatoes are organically raised but we have never priced them that way)
  6. Dig carrots, wash, bag in 5# for sale and storage–update page when dug
  7. Dig Watermelon Radishes, Black Spanish Radishes, and Daikon’s–store in cooler at 36 degrees for winter sales and use all winter into the spring
  8. Harvest and store winter cabbages, and Brussels sprouts when they have formed full heads
  9. Watch the Sunchokes to see if the tubers form before the ground is froze–delayed this year, just started blooming
  10. Figure what to do with that silly celery that just didn’t plump up this year but has great celery flavor and would be wonderful in soup stalk…


Once all this is done, then we will be ready to put boxes together for the Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy starting in October.  Watch for a post on a Sunday, order by Tuesday…we will assemble boxes Wednesday and Thursday and deliver them to Bee Healthy Friday morning for pick up and payment.  (If you haven’t, stop in at Bee Healthy and check out the new look!)


Love you all!– The Farmer’s Wife…and The Farmer, too   🙂