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Squash bin and new label

Hi folks!

I have a dozen Special Fall Friday Boxes left for this week–Locally grown, freshly harvested.  Don’t wait, order deadline is Tuesday (tomorrow) by midnight:

Satina potatoes, Colossal Candy onions (if we can get them in the box! If not, they will be Jumbo…), freshly harvested head of Cabbage (no kidding!–today!), Broccolini (better than broccoli–love it cooked in the cast iron skillet, or steamed), Celery hearts (outer leaves great cooked in dishes or as soup stock), 2# bag of Rainbow carrots (big and sweet), Acorn Squash (the Jet is in the middle of the picture of the bin above), and Red Scarlet Kale (just a small bundle–that’s all we had–).

$28, Pick Up Friday at Bee Healthy! 

(Psst….Diamond S Delights will be there from 3:30 to 5:30 with their great raw milk products!)

Email , text to 431-1219, use Messenger, or ask NOW!

The Farmer’s Wife!

FALL FRIDAY- Special Boxes this week–


Hello Folks!  Another offering of Special Boxes–order Tuesday for Delivery to Bee Healthy and Pick UP on Friday, November 3rd.  (NOVEMBER!  Hard to imagine–) $28 this week–

Reserve your Special Box of Lloyd Craft Farms veggies by email to , comment at , comment on our Facebook page, or text me 431-1219.  Order by Tuesday to assure the box is yours!

We are rounding up the following for the boxes this week:

  • 5# Satina Potatoes– uniform shape and larger in size, good flavor, great all ’round spud
  • Candy Sweet Onion– large to jumbo size
  • Fresh harvested Cabbage, not from storage, great for cooking, frying, grilling, steaming, or fermenting as sauerkraut.  Medium sized that will fit in your fridge.  (Versus LARGE that you carve off of for several meals.)  We love Kielabasa and Cabbage–recipe on our website!
  • Broccolini–our very own variety, not what you will ever buy in the store!  Sweet with succulent leaves that rival or exceed the flavor of the small head–great steamed, or lightly boiled and then fried in olive oil with salt and pepper and a little cipollini onion.  Hmmmmm
  • Celery hearts–but we are putting the whole celery in the box–the outer leaves are suitable for making soup stalk or cooking…the inner 6-8 are sweet, tender, and full of strong, celery flavor.
  • Carrots–1# or 2#, depending on the amount of room in the box, Rainbow mix
  • Acorn Squash–  Jet is its name, and large is its game!
  • Red Scarlet Kale– we harvested all we had which is not much, and will put a bundle in each box


Don’t delay–Get your reservation in, and your name on a BOX.  email , comment at , comment on our Facebook page, or text me 431-1219.  Order by Tuesday to assure the box is yours!

The Farmer’s Wife

BEE HEALTHY today for RESERVED Special Boxes

There are 24 Fall Friday Special Boxes at Bee Healthy today.  This reminder is for those that Reserved a box of veggies!  Pay Janet your $28, either check made payable to Lloyd Craft Farms, or cash (sorry no debit at this time).

There are also TWO EXTRA BOXES for sale to Walk-in’s (no Snack Peppers) –$25.  Contents are 3# Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings, Large or Jumbo Sierra Blanca white onion, Butternut Squash, 2 Bell Peppers with sprig of Parsely, 2# bag of Cosmic Carrots.  Info Sheet with recipes– for Today only

THANKS!  Great start for this first week of Fall Friday Sales with Pick Up at Bee Healthy–Stay tuned for the Sunday Posting of next week’s box.  Order by Tuesday to assure you have those great veggies from our garden! Pick Up’s every Friday at Bee Healthy for those Reserved BOXES.  This will run until the week before Christmas–business-card

The Farmer’s Wife

MORE Pumpkins at Reese’s & Ray’s IGA–More BIG ONES!!


We delivered more pumpkins to the IGA today!

5 more Shopping Days to Halloween–FYI:  our pumpkins are good for pie, too.  😉 

Let Reese and Ray know it is great to sell locally raised pumpkins!  Support local merchants, too!  Build community!!


The Farmer’s Wife!

Fall Friday Boxes– Some Still Available!


Good news!  You can still reserve your box of fresh veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms–I have 16 left–but don’t wait too long…We start putting them together Wednesday–$28, to be picked up Friday at Bee Healthy. No membership required…order weekly as needed.  

Boxes to contain freshly dug potatoes, recently dried and full of flavor Jumbo onions, snack and bell peppers, fresh white cauliflower, Cosmic carrots, and fresh parsley–all organically raised and harvested within the last week with the exception of the Yum Yum Peppers and the Bell Peppers which were harvested before the first frost of the season.

Can we count you in?   🙂    The Farmer’s Wife


POTATOES–What you need to know about OURS–

potatoes pictured left to right:  large Yukon Gem, Red Norland, and Satina (yellow meated like the Yukon–smoother skin and texture as shown).

I always have this tendency to want to underprice our potatoes–say $.60/# to at least get in there with what I see other folks selling theirs for.  Who doesn’t like cheap potatoes?  After all, they eat the same!  But there is an old saying that says you get what you pay for–and the other side of that is you can’t sell it for less than it costs you to produce…well not for long…

So, here’s what you need to know about our potatoes compared to the ones you buy at the store.

  1. Ours are organically raised…Chicken manure fertilizer like the rest of the garden.  No pesticides, herbicides, or artificial additives.  Plastic mulch with drip irrigation for weed control and water delivery.  No chemicals to kill the plant so the potatoes will set as usually done in commercial production.  (The tuber in the ground will store whatever the plant is exposed to.)
  2. We are not completely automated–ours are planted with a two row transplanter:  two folks riding on seats pulled behind the garden tractor stuffing the seed potatoes or seed potato pieces into the hole made in the plastic by the machine and filled with water.  We add a little fish emulsion to the water to give the spuds a boost, much like the New England Indians in the 1600’s would throw a fish in the hole with the corn seed.
  3. Ours are harvested either by hand (during the CSA season) or with the potato digger that Eric built for us (fall harvest).  The digger brings them out of the ground and lays them on the top of the bed, then we come along and pick them up, sorting them as we go.
  4. We do not get 100% harvest of all that is planted.  This year we left the All Blue’s in the ground–the sample 30 feet we harvested had 70% scab.  They were not pretty and they would not have stored.  Same with half the fingerling potatoes planted–
  5. We do not normally wash the regular potatoes.  This is a time and cost consideration. We are usually racing with the incoming Winter to get EVERYTHING out of the garden and into the coolers.  This year we washed the fingerlings, but time did not allow for the regular potatoes.  If the potatoes are not washed you get an extra 2# to compensate for the added soil.  So, you are really getting 22# –the price is based on 20#.
  6. We sorted the potatoes between Medium to Large (20# bag) and “C” size, smaller than your fist (10# bag).
  7. We store the potatoes into the spring–so you can buy some now and then buy some later.  (We’ll use our potatoes in the Buyer’s Group this year which starts up in January and runs through May. 10# bags will be available for sale at Bee Healthy.  Our potatoes and Fingerlings go into the Fall Friday Sales.) 


Pricing– Satina (20# bag)………………..$25             (10# bag)……………………….$10

                 Red Norland (20# bag)……….$22           (10# bag)………………………..$12

                 Yukon Gem (20# bag)…………$19            (10# bag)………………………..$10

Hope you’ll consider buying locally!  It’s our desire to feed our community the best food possible!   The Farmer’s Wife





Order by Tuesday to Pick Up a Special Box Friday at Bee Healthy! email , or text to 431-1219.

30 Boxes available–$28 each.

Special Box Contents anticipated:

3# Rose Finn Apple Fingerling potatoes with Recipe
Jumbo Sierra Blanca mild white onion
Bell Pepper- Yellow/Green
Yum Yum Snack Peppers
White Cauliflower head
2# Bag Cosmic Carrots
Butternut Squash
Sprig of Parsley


Order each week you want a box–  🙂  Contents will be posted every Sunday–Order by Tuesday.  Delivered Friday to Bee Healthy for Pick Up.  Pay at Pick Up.

THANKS for supporting local and buying as Fresh as possible!!  The Farmer’s Wife




This is a quick update before we start our morning of washing and bagging potatoes, filling orders, delivering produce to Bee Healthy, and harvesting more goodies…

I will be posting this Sunday the items that will be in our first **Special Box** for the fall–It will not disappoint!  Reserve your box by Tuesday, October 24th, for Pick Up Friday, October 27th at The Bee–635 Big Horn Ave.  Cost this year is $28.  (It is rumored that Diamond S Delights may also be there!)  Do not delay–we begin assembling the boxes on Wednesday and finish them up on Thursday!

Today we are delivering to BEE HEALTHY the fall veggies for you to pick up in store–Fingerling and Yukon Potatoes in bulk, Cosmic Carrots in 1# bags, dried onions including those sweet and easy to carmelize Cipollini’s, and a limited supply of the Cauliflower Mix (Green Vitaverde, Purple Graffiti, Orange Cheddar), and our wonderful and nutritious Winter Squash–check it out! Quantities are low, but Janet can order more for delivery the next day–Fresh is best!

PUMPKINS are still at Reese’s and Ray’s IGA–looks like the bigger ones are disappearing!  Do not delay–when these are gone that may be it!


Have a great DAY!  God is GOOD!  ALWAYS–  The Farmer’s Wife

A BIG Thank YOU!

A BIG thank YOU to all the folks who came out this year and gathered their farm fresh veggies and supported our efforts to bring in good food for good health!  The CSA is finished for this year (nearly) and now we work hard to glean what we can from the garden.  Here’s what our ‘to-do’ list looks like for the next 3-4 weeks:

  1. Haul the pumpkins in and to Reese’s and Ray’s IGA for sale.  (SUPPORT LOCAL!)  Donate seconds to the Circle J Apple Festival (October 14th in the Ten Sleep Canyon)
  2. Row cover the Deadon Cabbage which will be harvested in November
  3. Build the end panels for the high tunnel so it can be enclosed this winter and ready for the snap peas and greens we plant in March, WHILE WE…
  4. Continue hauling in the Winter Squash and storing it in the cooler and newly constructed bins in the Shelter (install Shelter heater when it arrives to prevent stored goodies from freezing…no insulation at this point…cost too much)
  5. Dig potatoes and bag and store–notify folks when done–can be purchased for a reasonable price (potatoes are organically raised but we have never priced them that way)
  6. Dig carrots, wash, bag in 5# for sale and storage–update page when dug
  7. Dig Watermelon Radishes, Black Spanish Radishes, and Daikon’s–store in cooler at 36 degrees for winter sales and use all winter into the spring
  8. Harvest and store winter cabbages, and Brussels sprouts when they have formed full heads
  9. Watch the Sunchokes to see if the tubers form before the ground is froze–delayed this year, just started blooming
  10. Figure what to do with that silly celery that just didn’t plump up this year but has great celery flavor and would be wonderful in soup stalk…


Once all this is done, then we will be ready to put boxes together for the Fall Friday Sales at Bee Healthy starting in October.  Watch for a post on a Sunday, order by Tuesday…we will assemble boxes Wednesday and Thursday and deliver them to Bee Healthy Friday morning for pick up and payment.  (If you haven’t, stop in at Bee Healthy and check out the new look!)


Love you all!– The Farmer’s Wife…and The Farmer, too   🙂



The Store Open tomorrow with…

The Store will be open tomorrow at the Pick Up (Group C2)–This is the GRAND FINALE for the CSA!  Remember that ALL CSA members may shop The Store  Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Diamond S Delights will be here for their last time, too.  Come and buy cheeses and milk made from RAW Milk–enzymes active!

FIRST– We have four 20# Boxes of Heirloom Tomatoes….$45
AND three 20# Boxes Roma Tomatoes……………………………$35

Some items in The Store:
33# case of Zestar Apples from Flathead, MT.
Italian Prunes (Plums) from Washington
ORG Strawberries–1# container for $4.00
Fuyu Persimmons–$1.75 each
Red Plums, Peaches, Avocados
Lemons, Limes, Lime Squeeze, Grapefruit
Bananas, Mangoes, Pineapples
Cilantro, our herbs, and our Parsley
Lettuce, Spinach, and Kale
ORG Tofu, Garlic, Ginger root, Turmeric
Our own Broccolini, Broccoli, Onions, Bell Peppers, Cauliflower, Cabbage
Our own Yum Yum Snack Peppers, Islanders Peppers, Orange & Yellow Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers
Our own Carrots, Bravo Daikon Radishes, Watermelon Radishes

SHARES this week:  Brunswick Cabbage and Cabbage Burger Recipe, 2 small Bell Peppers, Yum Yum Snack Peppers, head of White Cauliflower, bag of Broccoli, onion, carrots, and a Honey Dew.  And a beautiful fall PUMPKIN!

The Farmer’s Wife