CSA Shares for Today–

Today we sent Shares in boxes to Lovell, Manderson, Greybull, Basin, and Shell– Here’s what was in your box:

Scallions–Green onions to most!

Yukon Potatoes–We dug these before the rain–Lucky YOU!  Tomorrow’s group had to settle for a cabbage–but they will get their potatoes next week if we have to wear hip boots and dry them in the clothes dryer!

Carrots--Purple Dragon, which looks and tastes an awful lot like Comic Carrots–

Orange Bells–this was our experiment this year to try to get an orange or yellow bell that will grow in this region.  Quite a test!

Sultan cucumbers–these are the last of the season.  Still my favorite!!

White Cauliflower–the STAR of the box!  Eat this ASAP to experience the epitome of flavor.  No after taste, just a nice mild flavor, as God planned it, I’m sure!  Good steamed and boiled, some folks grille and roast.  This is good enough to eat raw!  I like a little parmesan sprinkled on mine.  We’d prefer raising this in the fall than in the summer–We should have some heads for sale next week in The Store.

Acorn Squash–let it sit a bit to develop its sweetness.  I picked these instead of The Farmer, and I don’t think I was paying attention to detail.  They say that Acorn’s do not need to ‘season’, but as with most squash, it helps them to develop their sweetness.  I like my acorn baked in the oven with oil and a garlic in the cavity.  The left-overs I use for soups–all the squash work this way.  Recipe on our webpage– Butternut Bisque, different variations.

Carbon Heirloom Tomato (Black) or Striped German Johnson (Yellow) or Pink German Johnson (Pink)-you may need to let this sit on the counter a day or two.  I tried to pick ones that were stiff so they could travel in your box. Don’t refrigerate your tomatoes–makes them mushy and robs their flavor.

Watermelon–At last…and it was worth the wait, from the ones I’ve sampled.  Too short of a season this year, but a miracle they made it with all they had to go through:  disease, seeds eaten by some mystery critter, and now the cold.  We will probably only harvest half of what was planted…oh, well….


Enjoy the fresh and local–and thanks for participating!  The Farmer’s Wife

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