Clarification on the Saturday Post, and new information–

The clarification is that each CSA member will get a watermelon.  Group C (C12 and C1) got a watermelon this week with their share.  Group C2 (second half of the Leap-Froggers) will not miss out!

The new information– The Farmer reported this morning that we will be making the trek to the watermelon patch tomorrow morning to pick WATERMELONS!  He said that the planting he has been waiting on is ready.  We have by-passed the first planting where most the plants died, and are now ready to harvest the second planting.  The third planting is still there, but not sure it will make it.

I think it is amazing that we did not get the frost Saturday night that hit town–I’m so thankful!  We have too big of a garden to cover, plus when the temps drop that low the quality of the tomatoes change and they become mealy, the peppers are stressed and do not store as long as when they are healthy, and the eggplant–it dies.  

Sooooo…we will continue to harvest and glory each night we are missed!  Our time will come!

Thanking you all for your support and membership–The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by Kris on September 19, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Just want you to know how much we value all your hard work and wonderful produce. We thank you with each bite.

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