Sauerkraut Season!



It is that time of year for making Sauerkraut!  Well, you can actually make sauerkraut any time of the year, but every great cook knows that the best time for the best results is when the cabbage is fresh and at its peak.  That would be NOW! 

Both Murdoch and Kaitlyn are ready for harvest!  Murdoch cabbage is loaded with juice, has a great flavor and a pointed head…not that the pointed head is important, but it does set it apart!  Kaitlyn has a white heart and lots of juice, too.  Both are used universally for kraut.

So, where do you start?  Let us help!  We can provide you Alton Brown’s Kraut recipe, shred your cabbage for you, and weigh it out into 5#’s.  Then all you need is your salt and a ‘crock’–a clean 5 gallon plastic bucket will work. A plate and quart jar filled with water are important to keep the cabbage weighted down and in the juice during the fermentation process.  A cool area of your home helps, too.  Sauerkraut, once finished, can be stored in an airtight container in your fridge for up to 6 months–

Order your CABBAGE today–cost is $10.50 for the shredded cabbage, and printed recipe.  Order by September 21st for pick up October 5th, at The Farm.

Give your gut a treat!–natural probiotics, right from the garden, to have during the winter months– The Farmer’s Wife

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