Saturday Update on the Garden and Your Shares

Temperatures could drop close to freezing tonight.  We just finished the second week of September–that is the normal frost date for this region…so no surprises!  It’s not the first frost that we anxiously await, but what follows.  The weather man is saying more cold night time temperatures next week.

So, pray for us as we:

  • dig potatoes and carrots, preparing them for winter storage and sales. 
  • move all the winter squash from the garden into the shelter, and then into the cooler once the melons are gone.    
  • move the onions into drying (high tunnel) and then cool storage (not sure where).
  • start the harvest of those brassicas that thrive in the coolness of the fall–the broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages. Broccolini should continue, and we expect to find some healthy side production on the summer broccoli.  The brassica’s flavor is amazing after a frost!

We hope for a calm, as we bundle up and work the garden, harvesting the last crops after the demise of the peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, beans, and corn.   


So, what can you expect in your last two shares? 

  • Scallions, Jumbo Ailsa Craig sweets, and fresh cipollini onions…we may still include FRESH (store in fridge) and DRIED (store with your potatoes in a cool, dark place).
  • Potatoes–Yukon Gems for this week.  So glad the rain stopped!  If we don’t have time to bag them, we will bag them at Pick Up on Thursday.  Usually we do 3#, but as we near the end of the Pick Up’s I try to bump that to 5#.  (We sell potatoes in 5#, 10#, and 20# bags.  Sign up with Terri for bulk potatoes for the fall and winter.  Our varieties are Red Norland (not many of those), Yukon Gem, Satina, and All Blue.)
  • Carrots–we had these once, but you will get them again before the end of the CSA.
  • Bell Peppers— I harvested 7 large tubs for sale and the membership.  They are Rocky Mountain Bells (Green to Red), or Orange/Yellow (Green to Orange or Green to Yellow…some will be just plain green, but with a sweeter flavor as they are Orange/Yellow Bells).
  • Sultan Cucumbers--this is the absolute longest we have been able to sustain the cucumbers!  I love the Sultan’s (Persian variety)–they are crunchy and full of flavor.  Do not plan on stockpiling them in the fridge–they seldom last more than a week.
  • Cauliflower–I’m not sure who is going to get what, or whether it will be this week or next, it is just starting to produce.  We counted 14 heads of white and 8 heads of green (Vitaverde) and 2 heads of purple (Graffiti), so I know we must have some of the yellow (Cheddar), too.  We need 120 Shares this week, and close to the same next week!  So the cauliflower will be divided up within the Groups with part getting them this week, some next week, and the last 20 members that first week in October.
  • Winter Squash–Probably Acorn Squash for Group A, Spaghetti Squash for Group B, Delicata for Group C, and Buttercup for Group D.  The last week we hope for Butternut! for all!!!
  • Melons–either Athena, Full Moon Honey Dew, French Charentais, and Sugar Cube.  We are not selling these fast enough!  So, if you know neighbors who would like a vine-ripened melon, or family and friends, send them this way!  They can come and buy melons and dairy on Thursday’s, too.  Heck, if they come all the way out here for a melon, they can buy from The Store!  We will also try to get Watermelons for Groups A, B, and D.  Has not been a good year for watermelons!
  • Tomatoes–The Farmer picked a whole bunch of Striped German Johnsons, Pink German Johnsons, and Carbon Heirlooms.  Those will be the tomato of choice for this week.  (It is almost too late to order canning tomatoes, but let us know–we will be sorting and boxing what The Farmer has picked, and should have some 20# boxes available for purchase–)

Well, I have made myself sufficiently hungry!  Headed to the kitchen to cook–picked up some smoked Polish Sausage yesterday so I’m thinking a nice head of fresh cabbage and sausage.  Side of Broccolini, probably steamed this time, as I don’t want to overcook it in the cast iron skillet.  Marinaded salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, Dragon’s Tongue beans, small amount of onion, and some of Diamond S Delights Lebneh cheese in vinegar and oil, with salt and pepper to taste.  And the last of the Ambrosia corn on the cob.  Might do a little spinach salad for our fresh greens, with some Crimini mushrooms, grape tomatoes, red onions, croutons, and bacon.   Hmmmmmmm….Yum Yum!


Keep warm and see you next week!  The Farmer’s Wife



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  1. Posted by Tommerup Machine on September 18, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Really disappointed group c will not get any watermelons. I do know the crop did not do well. CathyT

    • Cathy–Thanks for bringing this to my attention–Everyone in the CSA will get a watermelon. Group C got watermelons last week–first harvest. In that group last week were half the Leap-Frogs (C1). The other half of the Leap-Frogs (C2) are this week, and good news! The report from The Farmer is we will harvest Tuesday. If the weather could hold another couple of weeks (miraculous- in my opinion), most that were planted should reach maturity. YAY!!

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