Pick Up Tomorrow at The Farm! Your SHARE–

BAked Baby Hubbard with Garlic

The Share this week (Thursday at The Farm):  I wanted Cauliflower but NOT YET!  Only 7 heads were ready to harvest–sooooo the new item for this week is Honey Bear Acorn SquashIt is getting near Fall and time for the wonderful squash that nourishes us during the winter with high levels of beta carotene, and other important nutrients. Simple to bake in the oven…bake several…eat one and scoop out the meat from the other for mashed squash or Winter Squash Bisque at a different meal.  The other Fall item is a Highlander onion–it dried down on its own…so we know Fall is on our heels! Slice of onion or garlic is super in the cavity of the squash with a tablespoon of olive oil, butter, or coconut oil.  Cover with foil to keep moisture in, high oven temp, 30-40 minutes if I remember right….cooking ours right now for dinner.

Other items for the Share are Dragon’s Tongue Beans (good cooked or raw), Orange/Green Sweet Bell Peppers, Bolseno Tomatoes (good chopped and added to vinegar and oil, or green salads), Sultan Cucumbers (to go with the Beans if you want to make the salad suggested in the Sunday post), also 1# bag of Harmonie snack cucumbers. 

The melon this week will be either another Athena cantaloupe or the Full Moon Honey DewI’m hoping with all my heart that The Farmer can bring some watermelons down from the patch–they have been slow to ripen, and many of the larger melon plants are dying off.  🙁 

See you tomorrow for your Share of the Garden, an opportunity to stock up with other veggies, herbs, and fruit from The Store…including Farm Fresh Blue Heron Eggs…and a sampling of the raw milk products from Diamond S Delights of Hyattville.  


See you there–The Farmer’s Wife

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