Green Beans and Tomatoes!



We have Snap Beans and Canning Tomatoes (Celebrity and Polbig)–  

Tomatoes are ready to go RIGHT NOW.  $25, price includes the box, for 20# plus.  Come out to The Farm and pick your box-4 grades to chose from!  Grade #0 is ready today and includes some with imperfections–box weight is 23# instead of 20#.  Grades #1-#3 are 20# weight, and are firm/orange to firm/green-orange and will be ready to can in a couple of days to a week.

This is the best opportunity to get them as you like them–pickings after this major load are smaller volume with less choice.  You don’t want to wait–and miss out! Fall is in the air– Whole Canned Tomatoes are so versatile:  Chili, Goulash, ‘Fresh’ Salsa…to name a few uses.  Canning is EASY!  Better quality than commercially canned, tomatoes riper with fuller flavor.

Snap Beans will be available this week–$45 for 20#.  Also easy to can–Pressure Cook instead of Hot Water Bath.  If you want to freeze beans, I would suggest the French Beans–$50 for 20#.  French bean is longer, skinnier, and more tender!

Thinking ahead for the winter months–The Farmer’s Wife

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