Pick Up Tomorrow at The Farm



Tomorrow is the Thursday Pick Up at The Farm.  Leap Froggers Group C1. Several things to note:

Shares will include Corn, more beans (this week Dragon’s Tongue!), Vine-Ripened (but not over-ripe!) Honey Dew, Red Norland Potatoes, Candy Sweet Onions, beautiful Islander Bell Peppers, and a large selection of Saladette Heirloom Tomatoes (Red Zebra, Green Zebra, and Black Prince).

The Store will be stocked with Cantaloupe and Cantaloupe and Cantaloupe–running a last day of August Special–$3.25 each or 2/$6.00.  We also have a melon called Lambkin–new this year!  The Individual size cantaloupe called Sugar Cube–$2.75 each.  Not sure on the watermelons!

Also in the store:  French Green Beans, Shoshito Peppers for roasting, Fennel Bulbs, Jalapeno Peppers, Poblano Peppers, Shredded Green Cabbage for coleslaw or cabbage burgers, fresh picked Eggplant.  Our Salanova Lettuce Mixes for $3.75 each ziplock bag.  Crimini mushrooms, Cilantro and Parsley and other Herbs from our garden!

Clamshells of our Grape Tomatoes, and Artisan Cherry Tomatoes.  Avocados and Mangoes.  Organic Bananas for $.85/#.  Strawberries for $3.75–smell sweet!  Grapefruit, lemons, limes, and pineapple, as well as the Utah Ginger Gold apples and Paul Friday Utah peaches!  (Peaches are starting to smell like peaches this week as they ripen up!)

Also specific Food for health (inflammation): Turmeric Root, Ginger Root, Beet Juice with Ginger or NOT.  Garlic and our onions.  We stock farm fresh eggs from Blue Heron Ranch!  

Don’t forget that Diamond S Delights from Hyattville will be there with their raw milk products!

See you for week 8!  FOUR MORE WEEKS TO GO!

The Farmer’s Wife

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