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Group A– Information on Your Share this week– August 22nd

Group A are the folks on the North Route that got their shares this week–  Did not have time to include an information sheet in your box, so here it is!

Shredded Tendersweet cabbage- 1# bag.  We had so much cabbage this year that I purchased a meat slicer that we are using to cut the cabbage for better use.  I love my bagged cabbage!  It makes coleslaw a simple and painless task:  Chop the cabbage a little shorter and mix it up with a grated carrot, grated cucumber (Sultan works the best as it adds the flavor without the skin), chopped bell pepper…salt and pepper to taste.  We make the milk-less coleslaw with Miracle Whip and a tad of lemon juice (or vinegar).  I like a small amount of celery seed sprinkled on top.

Yum Yum Snack Peppers–1# bag.  Great for a mid-day snack, great for the kids!

Satina Potatoes- 3# bag.  These are not storage with the skins set, but fresh dug ‘new’ potatoes.

Tasty Jade Cucumber such a great all around favorite.  With the thicker skin it will keep longer in the fridge than the Sultan (Persian variety).  The Farmer’s favorite is cucumbers and tomatoes cut in chunks and marinated in a nice blend of oil, vinegar, and water, salt and pepper.  We use the ‘juice’ over several times, each time it gets a little better as the tomatoes lend their flavor!

Yellow Cherries/Grape Mix Tomatoes in a clamshell– You will find them to be pretty darn tasty!  Finger food for sure–

Red Candy Onion – This is a first this week.  This is the smallest onion we have this year–other than the Red Marble Cippolini, Red Candy is a sweet red that is already starting to dry down!

Summer Squash, again!  There are so many things to do with summer squash–I keep adding it to your shares…the folks that pick up here at The Farm can add their own cukes and summer squash…but those on the route can’t…so we help you out!  I’ve been into the Salad Sized Summer Squash lately–just slice them up and add to a salad.  I made fettuchini last week and used a sweet onion and the Costa Romanesco (striped zucchini), sauteed with butter for the white sauce.  Our daughter made her version of fettuchini with the Costa and Onion cooked in olive oil, topped with a fresh cut tomato on top!  An excellent choice!


Coming soon–Corn on the cob (if the critters don’t get it first) and Green Beans (if these critters can keep up the energy harvesting it!)…more Lemon cucumbers which are mass producing as we speak, and more types of tomatoes!   The Farmer’s Wife