This week at Lloyd Craft Farms

rainbowWe are preparing to pick lots of tomatoes–for sale in bulk (10#, 20#, 40#), for the Shares, for the Store!  Tomatoes in The Store, if we have enough, will be the Yellow Cherry/Grape Tomato Mix in Pints, Heirloom Saladette Mixes (when they are ready–Black Prince, Red and Green Zebra), and the Heirloom Beefy Mixes (when they are ready–Carbon, German Johnson, Pink Berkely Tie Dye).  If you want  to buy tomatoes in bulk, place an order by email or text ( or 431-1219)….check out the prices at Canner’s Share.  (Canner’s Share isn’t a Canner’s Share prepaid ahead, but the Canner’s part of the garden…)

The Store this week will NOT have apples, peaches, pears, or plums….we are waiting for the UTAH FRUIT!  But we will have Pineapple, more Idaho Blueberries, Organic Avocados, Organic Bananas, Organic Lemons, Limes, Organic Seedless Red Grapes…more of our own Salanova Mix and the Taylor Farms Baby Spinach…extra cabbages and onions and potatoes, maybe some broccoli (if not enough for the Shares) and broccolini, Shoshito peppers…Organic Cilantro and our own herbs, garlic, turmeric, and ginger root–I’m also stocking a bottled drink called Love Beets:  Regular and with Ginger.  (A good drink for those that don’t have time to juice their own–like ‘yours truly’!  A good drink to balance the gut and hydrate when all that water does is make you run to the Ladie’s Room.)

Diamond S Delights will be here, as usual, with their great raw milk products–  Ask Kris about Switzerland and her trip to see the best of the best in world class cheeses!

Shares this week are varied but will have more cucumbers (especially Heirloom Lemons!), Potatoes and Onions, small heads of Red Cabbage for salads and slaws, variety of tomatoes…hoping for some peppers other than the Antohi Romanian Frying Pepper or Hot Peppers–peppers have been delayed due to wind stress when we set them out in May–remember that microburst??  We have more cabbage ready–a savoy called Alcosa that is great cooked!  And may find time, between picking tomatoes, to shred some more of the early green cabbage.  This time we will go with a 1# bag–2# is a lot of cabbage…My family loved the convenient of coleslaw using the shredded stuff!

Sorry to announce:  No corn this year–AGAIN!  (I’m looking around for a good deal on some corn to buy with part of your share money–).  Watermelons are not ready yet, nor the cantaloupe…every spring brings its own maturity agenda…this year seems a little delayed…like the barley.  Carrots and beets should be sized up in the next couple of weeks.  Celery is doing well, as is the Celeriac.  Stay tuned!

The Farmer’s Wife 

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