It is FINISHED! The Gothic High Tunnel–thank you NRCS for the grant!

High Tunnel Crew

It is finished!  The new Gothic High Tunnel…and the Arcadia and Olympia Broccoli plants are ready to be set out in six neat little beds inside.  The million dollar question is can we harvest Broccoli in November?  Stay tuned and find out—

Thank you to our crew who helped with this Project:  First–Erica, Lloyd, and Jared (not pictured) did most of the construction–putting up the frame, end panels, and drop down sides.  Thursday it was Taylor, Chelsea, Kaleb (not pictured), Liz, and myself (not pictured) who helped with the rope work in getting the cover over the top pitch and held it in place, even though a little wind was testing our strength.  Lloyd and Liz installed the wiggle wire, and Kaleb ran the loader to get them to the 12 foot height needed!  Putting the top cover on was about a 4 hour project!

High tunnel construction

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  1. Posted by Cathy T., on August 14, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    We love you farmers and all your hard work. Thanks for all the goodies you grow!

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