PICKLERS–Ready Right NOW– Friday

harmonie cucumbers

We picked the Harmonies this morning, a great European Pickler/ Snack Cucumber–  I ended up with 1 Extra 13# bag of medium sized cucumbers (perfect for Dills or Bread and Butter’s)…I’d love to find a home for them–$22 if you take them tonight.  Will throw in some dill–ready sooner than the cucumbers, but still works for making dills.

Call or Text 431-1219 and pick them up here–1049 Washakie Ten, Worland.  They can be put on ice in an ice chest overnight and will be ready to can Saturday morning.  My favorite recipe is on our website–Farm Journal Cookbook, Sweet Dills–

If you would like to order some picklers for later, send me an email or text.  I have more available next Friday–I usually harvest 3 batches each time.  Cost is $25 for 13#–

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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