Fruit Fest this Thursday!

This time of year we find an abundance of fruit available:  Flathead Cherries, Washington Peaches, and pretty good imported Pink Lady apples until our domestics come into their own…Altulfa Mangoes, Pineapples, Nectarines, and Red Plums, Red Grapes…super good organic Avocados, and a fresh batch of Limes.  I have snagged this abundance for Thursday Pick Up. Don’t forget the organic lemons and oranges in stock, too.   Come and Check it OUT–

Remember that ALL members can shop The Store and the Extra’s Table on any Thursday!  It doesn’t have to be your turn–and use your voucher!

And also remember:  It is food and doesn’t keep!  I just finished freezing strawberries and plums left over from last Pick Up that were too soft to hold longer or spoiled …the apricots are in the dehydrator, and we already finished off the 20 bananas left over, too…banana bread and banana chips.  Fruit smoothies with lots of fruit, a little cream, topped with a dash of nutmeg is a great way to start the day!


See you Thursday!    The Farmer’s Wife


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