Want to Share a NEED?

Happy Wednesday!  I want to share with you an amazing thing that happened last year, and has snowballed this year…

Last year we had some members that had been with us since the beginning but were not going to be able to continue.  They asked to buy a share for a friend who is a mom raising her three boys.  This was done, and the mom was so THRILLED!  That has continued this year–all in anonymity per the Benefactors wishes–

Fast forward to this year, 2017…we now have FOUR Shares that are paid for by folks who for one reason or the other could not continue!  That is 4 deserving folks who have been confronted with financial challenges, and their ‘neighbors’ have stepped in to help–  that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

So, I have one more member in need…she is struggling to pay for the share and could use some help.  I do this anonymously so there is no shame stigma attached–just overwhelming gratitude from the recipient and a sense of satisfaction from the Benefactor–  Anyone out there who could front $175 for a Leap-Frog Share for this mom and her son?

If so, let me know–  🙂        email:  craftterri@rtconnect.net       text:  307-431-1219

The Farmer’s Wife–

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