CSA Update–2 weeks down and 10 to go…

cabbage head

Just about everyone has now been to The Farm.  We loved meeting you all!  This week we start the deliveries to Casper, Shoshoni, and Riverton!  Still have a few details to work out and get the truck ready to go– Last Friday we made the first drop in Buffalo, and delivered to our commercial customers in Sheridan– we are pooped!  Of course, these 95+ degree days amplify fatigue–


EARLY CABBAGE!  We have several varieties of early cabbage, Tendersweet went out today to the folks north.  Tendersweet is a large, flat head with leaves that are great for wraps in the place of bread.  Early Green (Farao) is the cabbage of the week.  We will also have some small red cabbage called Red Express for sale at The Store.  (I’m not sure whether it is called Red Express because it is fast to mature, or because it expresses itself by blooming?–if you’ve never seen a blooming cabbage it is a sight to behold!  Look to the south as you come down our lane…

CUCUMBERS!  Last week we harvested the first of the Harmonie’s (small European picklers and snack cucumbers)–they went into the Thursday Shares.  This week we have a little of everything!  Striped Armenians when out today, Harmonie’s are going to Casper, and the Tasty Jade and Sultans will be in the Thursday Share!  Any Extra’s will be on the Extra’s Table–

SUMMER SQUASH!  Plenty always–in the Shares and on the Extra’s Table–

BROCCOLI!  This week brings  you another beautiful head of Broccoli–Broccoli florets on the Extra’s Table–Broccolini to Casper.  🙂  Broccolini for sale in The Store.

RED RADISHES!  In my opinion, not as mild as in the high tunnel in the Spring, but pretty darn good for the month of July in midsummer–tops are riddles with flea beetle damage, but does not affect the bulb!

SNAP PEAS! The very last of the Snap Peas–the plants are DONE and ready to come down.  There beds will be replaced with more Salanova, some Spinach, Kale, and Swiss Chard to sell in The Store.  Each member this week gets 1/2#, but I had 12# left over that are bagged for sale in The Store.

This is the week that the Shares contents begin to differ between each Group: A, B, and C.  We do this to not stress the garden and to assure that there is enough to go around.  We have 107 Shares that go out this week…64 on deliveries and 43 at The Farm.

This week in the The Store we are stocking ziplock bags of our washed and cleaned  Salanova lettuce, Taylor Farms Baby Spinach, several bundles from our volunteer Kale, Broccolini, Snap Peas 1# bag, Red Express Cabbage–small head, and fruit, garlic, and ginger root from Spokane Produce.  Fruit this week is Honey Crisp and Fuji Apples, lemons and limes, Washington Apricots…We are trying the Strawberries again–and the Blackberries, too.  Last week we ordered them but by Thursday they were molded out!  This week, Spokane delivers on Wednesday!  A Reminder:  The Store is available for ALL MEMBERS every Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00, even if it’s not your Leap-Frog week!  

Vouchers work in The Store, but don’t forget to bring your cash for Diamond S Delights Raw Milk products, and BJ’s Bangles to raise money for the Community Garden–

See you THURSDAY!  4:00 to 6:00– Groups C12 and C1 for Shares– The Farmer’s Wife



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