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First Share for the First Group–

Thanks to everyone who made the trek to the farm for their first Share–It was quite an afternoon with the wind and rain that hit at 3:15.  We were inundated and in an instant mud-hole, but then the sun came out and by 4:00 when we started, we hardly knew it had rained earlier! Don’t you love living in Wyoming–?

Note on your Shares for today–Broccoli or Broccolini?  We gave you a choice and most picked the most familiar–Broccoli.  Next week we will cook some broccolini and you can try it out!  What we raise is actually called Galion X and is a cross of European Broccoli and Asian Greens.  Thus the large tender leaves that become sweeter as they cook.

Cauliflower was 2 weeks early–we didn’t know it was ready until we untied some of the leaves…so 2 bags of cut cauliflower!  We will make sure you get a full, beautiful, tender white head within the next couple of weeks–

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, & Costa Romanesco (striped zucchini)–first harvest…more to follow and then onto the Extra’s Table.

Salanova Lettuce– 2 heads of crisp and butter!  Very sweet and full of flavor–we love it and so do the aphids!  Nice thing about aphids is the damage to the lettuce is minimal if you are controlling them–which we are, and they wash off easily!  Here’s your simple preparation directions:  Plunge your lettuce into a sink full of icy cold water, and swish the head around.  This will crisp up the lettuce and knock off bugs…then cut apart and wash again…spin to remove the excess water…bag in a ziplock in the fridge.  Will keep up to 10 days!  The Salanova heads will be in your Shares only a couple of times, but we have Salanova Salad Mix (already washed, cut apart, and bagged) for sale in The Store–We bag a leaf (Butter or Oakleaf) and a loft (Crisp or Incised).  The combination of the two is the ultimate salad mix–leaf for color and sweetness, and loft for fullness and crunch!

Last item this week was a nice sampling of English Thyme or Oregano.  I love my fresh herbs!  After being raised on dried herbs, I have at last found the true flavor and how to wake up your food.  I especially like the Thyme for veggies!  These are items we will be selling each week in The Store.  Check it out!

First Share is the smallest–then the garden explodes!  See you next week for the Weekly Share members and the second half of the Leap-Frog’s (C2).  We will also have the Thermopolis folks and a few others from the delivery routes.  Enjoy your veggies and think green!

The Farmer’s Wife–