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OMGosh! Today’s the DAY–

green butter salanova

Today is the first Pick Up Day of the 2017 SEASON-Here at last…I hope we are ready! …Calm, my soul…we will be ready…  🙂     A little theatrics to get the blood pumping…so much to do–   🙂

Today is Group A12, A1, B12, C12, and C1–no deliveries, everyone at The Farm, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  We will be in the shelter, so the predicted thunderstorm or rain will only cool the day and not blow things to the other side of the county. Park where convenient, but leave space for folks to enter and leave without danger. Watch for the kids running around whooping it up!

NEXT THURSDAY, July 13th, is Groups A12, B12, C12 (Weekly’s), and Groups A2, B2, and C2 at The Farm; D2 Deliveries will begin July 14th.  

Casper, Shoshoni (Riverton) Deliveries will begin July 19th.

What to expect at Pick Up?  Bring your bags or box for your veggies.  First Share is smaller:  Bagged Cauliflower and a head of Broccoli (or bag of Broccoli Mini-shoots AKA Broccolini), Summer Squash, 2 heads of Salanova Lettuce (Crisp and Butter head for that Ultimate Salad Mix), snack bag of Oregano or Thyme.  (No Extra’s Table this week–garden just getting started!)

The Store is lightly stocked this week with a case of bananas, Fuji apples, Dole Golden Pineapples, Washington apricots (little spendy, but a lot in a pound–but very good!), Avocados, and 16 clamshells of Taylor Farms Baby SpinachAll organic except for the pineapple and avocados.  We will also have some of our fresh herbs, and Blue Heron Ranch farm-fresh eggs for $3.75 dozen.  The stock will increase as we pick up speed.

Want a 10# case of Cauliflower for freezing or eating?  Ask at The Store–cost is $23.

Early Bird Vouchers can be picked up at The Store–ask Liz.  Also, any credits on your account have been rolled into the voucher.  The Store takes cash, checks, or Vouchers.  Prices are posted on the table until we get our new wall sign finished!  Vouchers are good for the season and can be used at The Store.

Diamond S Delights will be here, too, with their raw milk products, too!


See you there!   The Farmer’s Wife