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Veggies at Bee Healthy–

green butter salanova

We do not do Farmer’s Market, but we do stock some of our Veggies at Bee Healthy now– Bagged and washed Salanova Lettuce, small heads of market Cabbage, 1/2# bag of Broccolini Spears, Harmonie Snack Cucumbers, pure and clean Sweet Onions, and Shoshito Peppers.

Stop in and give Janet a shout out!  She’d love to see you in her new store–and pick up some locally grown, fresh vegetables, along with her farm fresh eggs!

The Farmer’s Wife


Calling all Picklers!

We have pickling cucumbers!  

Will be sorting them today–picked this morning–sell them in 5 gallon bucket volume (13#)….makes a standard batch of cucumber pickles.  Great variety for great pickles.  Cost is usually $25, but pick them up today and we’ll knock $5 OFF–  I have some free dill, too!

Text or call 431-1219 (Worland)– The Farmer’s Wife  

Fruit Fest this Thursday!

This time of year we find an abundance of fruit available:  Flathead Cherries, Washington Peaches, and pretty good imported Pink Lady apples until our domestics come into their own…Altulfa Mangoes, Pineapples, Nectarines, and Red Plums, Red Grapes…super good organic Avocados, and a fresh batch of Limes.  I have snagged this abundance for Thursday Pick Up. Don’t forget the organic lemons and oranges in stock, too.   Come and Check it OUT–

Remember that ALL members can shop The Store and the Extra’s Table on any Thursday!  It doesn’t have to be your turn–and use your voucher!

And also remember:  It is food and doesn’t keep!  I just finished freezing strawberries and plums left over from last Pick Up that were too soft to hold longer or spoiled …the apricots are in the dehydrator, and we already finished off the 20 bananas left over, too…banana bread and banana chips.  Fruit smoothies with lots of fruit, a little cream, topped with a dash of nutmeg is a great way to start the day!


See you Thursday!    The Farmer’s Wife


Thursday PICK UP at THE FARM



Here’s what to look for: 

SHARES contain Tendersweet Cabbage, Broccolini Spears, Red Potatoes, Green Bell Peppers, Candy Sweet Onions, Tasty Jade Cucumbers, Zucchini–more cucumbers, broccoli florets, and summer squash on the EXTRA’s Table…

DIAMOND S DELIGHTS for your raw milk products!



VEGETABLES–Cauliflower, Red Cabbage, Tendersweet Cabbage, Broccolini (Greens), Red Radishes, Eggplant, Jalapeno and Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, Snap Peas.

FRUIT–Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Bananas, Kiwi, Pineapple, Mangoes, Avocados, Apricots, Plums, Red Grapes, Strawberries.

GREENS AND OTHERS–Spinach, Salanova Salad Mix ($3.50 SPECIAL PRICE), Kale, Garlic, Ginger root, TURMERIC ROOT, our own Herbs, Mushrooms, and Eggs.


See you there– 4:00 to 6:00– Group C12 & C2-  The Farmer’s Wife

Strawberries, Blackberries–at The Store

Today is Pick Up Day at The Farm!  Group C12 and C1–Shares are almost ready to go…picking Summer Squash and Cucumbers today, but rest is picked and in the cooler.  Extra’s table has its Broccoli florets, and surplus zucchini and bagged small pickler-sized cukes ready!

The Store is well stocked this week with a flat of good looking Strawberries and some Blackberries…Tropical fruit in Bananas ($.85/#), Pineapples, Kiwi, 18 MangoesHoney Crisp and Fuji Apples…citrus is Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons, and Limes…a new brand of Avocadosthe previous AvoTerra just did not ripen up right!

We also have a dozen bags of our Salanova Lettuce, washed and ready to go, 8 clamshells of Baby Spinach, AND some of our Green Kale bundled and ready to go!  Don’t forget the farm fresh Eggs, Garlic, and Ginger Root

Our own items include Broccolini, Snap Peas, Red Cabbage, and our Herbs.

These items can be ‘purchased’ with your Vouchers or cold, hard cash! Help us move the stock–good food is perishable!

See you at 4:00 p.m.   And, oh, don’t forget BJ Bangles (fruit and veggie Earrings for the Community Garden) and Diamond S Delights (raw milk products from Hyattville)–

All Members well!   The Farmer’s Wife

Want to Share a NEED?

Happy Wednesday!  I want to share with you an amazing thing that happened last year, and has snowballed this year…

Last year we had some members that had been with us since the beginning but were not going to be able to continue.  They asked to buy a share for a friend who is a mom raising her three boys.  This was done, and the mom was so THRILLED!  That has continued this year–all in anonymity per the Benefactors wishes–

Fast forward to this year, 2017…we now have FOUR Shares that are paid for by folks who for one reason or the other could not continue!  That is 4 deserving folks who have been confronted with financial challenges, and their ‘neighbors’ have stepped in to help–  that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

So, I have one more member in need…she is struggling to pay for the share and could use some help.  I do this anonymously so there is no shame stigma attached–just overwhelming gratitude from the recipient and a sense of satisfaction from the Benefactor–  Anyone out there who could front $175 for a Leap-Frog Share for this mom and her son?

If so, let me know–  🙂        email:       text:  307-431-1219

The Farmer’s Wife–

CSA Update–2 weeks down and 10 to go…

cabbage head

Just about everyone has now been to The Farm.  We loved meeting you all!  This week we start the deliveries to Casper, Shoshoni, and Riverton!  Still have a few details to work out and get the truck ready to go– Last Friday we made the first drop in Buffalo, and delivered to our commercial customers in Sheridan– we are pooped!  Of course, these 95+ degree days amplify fatigue–


EARLY CABBAGE!  We have several varieties of early cabbage, Tendersweet went out today to the folks north.  Tendersweet is a large, flat head with leaves that are great for wraps in the place of bread.  Early Green (Farao) is the cabbage of the week.  We will also have some small red cabbage called Red Express for sale at The Store.  (I’m not sure whether it is called Red Express because it is fast to mature, or because it expresses itself by blooming?–if you’ve never seen a blooming cabbage it is a sight to behold!  Look to the south as you come down our lane…

CUCUMBERS!  Last week we harvested the first of the Harmonie’s (small European picklers and snack cucumbers)–they went into the Thursday Shares.  This week we have a little of everything!  Striped Armenians when out today, Harmonie’s are going to Casper, and the Tasty Jade and Sultans will be in the Thursday Share!  Any Extra’s will be on the Extra’s Table–

SUMMER SQUASH!  Plenty always–in the Shares and on the Extra’s Table–

BROCCOLI!  This week brings  you another beautiful head of Broccoli–Broccoli florets on the Extra’s Table–Broccolini to Casper.  🙂  Broccolini for sale in The Store.

RED RADISHES!  In my opinion, not as mild as in the high tunnel in the Spring, but pretty darn good for the month of July in midsummer–tops are riddles with flea beetle damage, but does not affect the bulb!

SNAP PEAS! The very last of the Snap Peas–the plants are DONE and ready to come down.  There beds will be replaced with more Salanova, some Spinach, Kale, and Swiss Chard to sell in The Store.  Each member this week gets 1/2#, but I had 12# left over that are bagged for sale in The Store.

This is the week that the Shares contents begin to differ between each Group: A, B, and C.  We do this to not stress the garden and to assure that there is enough to go around.  We have 107 Shares that go out this week…64 on deliveries and 43 at The Farm.

This week in the The Store we are stocking ziplock bags of our washed and cleaned  Salanova lettuce, Taylor Farms Baby Spinach, several bundles from our volunteer Kale, Broccolini, Snap Peas 1# bag, Red Express Cabbage–small head, and fruit, garlic, and ginger root from Spokane Produce.  Fruit this week is Honey Crisp and Fuji Apples, lemons and limes, Washington Apricots…We are trying the Strawberries again–and the Blackberries, too.  Last week we ordered them but by Thursday they were molded out!  This week, Spokane delivers on Wednesday!  A Reminder:  The Store is available for ALL MEMBERS every Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00, even if it’s not your Leap-Frog week!  

Vouchers work in The Store, but don’t forget to bring your cash for Diamond S Delights Raw Milk products, and BJ’s Bangles to raise money for the Community Garden–

See you THURSDAY!  4:00 to 6:00– Groups C12 and C1 for Shares– The Farmer’s Wife



July 13th Shares Pick Up at The Farm

Greetings!  Thursday Pick Up is at The Farm–1049 Washakie Ten (first right, right after the 5 HUGE granaries)–4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Weekly Shares, and the second half of the Leap-Frogs…if you are a Leap-Frogger and you did not pick up last week, then this is your week!  A hearty welcome to all the Thermopolis and Lovell folks–this is your chance to visit the farm and see first hand where your veggies are coming from before the deliveries start–send me a text (431-1219) if you’re not sure it is your week or not– 🙂

Share this week is a head of Cauliflower, a head of Broccoli, small bag of Snap Peas, first harvest of the Harmonie cucumbers, Summer Squash Mix, and a couple of Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers (sweet)–

You can purchase lettuce, spinach, fruits, garlic, ginger root, mushrooms, broccolini, and other specialty veggies at The Store.  We also carry Blue Heron Ranch eggs for $3.75/dozen.  Early Bird Vouchers can be used on any item in The Store.  (I will be handing those out to the folks that paid before April 15th–)  BJ Bangles–earrings and other vegetable jewelry–is also for sale to support the Worland Community Gardens–check them out!  Diamond S Delights from Hyattville is there each week selling their raw milk products–Come and enjoy the fun!

First Extra’s Table this week–summer squash and broccoli florets!  

The Farmer’s Wife

First Share for the First Group–

Thanks to everyone who made the trek to the farm for their first Share–It was quite an afternoon with the wind and rain that hit at 3:15.  We were inundated and in an instant mud-hole, but then the sun came out and by 4:00 when we started, we hardly knew it had rained earlier! Don’t you love living in Wyoming–?

Note on your Shares for today–Broccoli or Broccolini?  We gave you a choice and most picked the most familiar–Broccoli.  Next week we will cook some broccolini and you can try it out!  What we raise is actually called Galion X and is a cross of European Broccoli and Asian Greens.  Thus the large tender leaves that become sweeter as they cook.

Cauliflower was 2 weeks early–we didn’t know it was ready until we untied some of the leaves…so 2 bags of cut cauliflower!  We will make sure you get a full, beautiful, tender white head within the next couple of weeks–

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, & Costa Romanesco (striped zucchini)–first harvest…more to follow and then onto the Extra’s Table.

Salanova Lettuce– 2 heads of crisp and butter!  Very sweet and full of flavor–we love it and so do the aphids!  Nice thing about aphids is the damage to the lettuce is minimal if you are controlling them–which we are, and they wash off easily!  Here’s your simple preparation directions:  Plunge your lettuce into a sink full of icy cold water, and swish the head around.  This will crisp up the lettuce and knock off bugs…then cut apart and wash again…spin to remove the excess water…bag in a ziplock in the fridge.  Will keep up to 10 days!  The Salanova heads will be in your Shares only a couple of times, but we have Salanova Salad Mix (already washed, cut apart, and bagged) for sale in The Store–We bag a leaf (Butter or Oakleaf) and a loft (Crisp or Incised).  The combination of the two is the ultimate salad mix–leaf for color and sweetness, and loft for fullness and crunch!

Last item this week was a nice sampling of English Thyme or Oregano.  I love my fresh herbs!  After being raised on dried herbs, I have at last found the true flavor and how to wake up your food.  I especially like the Thyme for veggies!  These are items we will be selling each week in The Store.  Check it out!

First Share is the smallest–then the garden explodes!  See you next week for the Weekly Share members and the second half of the Leap-Frog’s (C2).  We will also have the Thermopolis folks and a few others from the delivery routes.  Enjoy your veggies and think green!

The Farmer’s Wife–




OMGosh! Today’s the DAY–

green butter salanova

Today is the first Pick Up Day of the 2017 SEASON-Here at last…I hope we are ready! …Calm, my soul…we will be ready…  🙂     A little theatrics to get the blood pumping…so much to do–   🙂

Today is Group A12, A1, B12, C12, and C1–no deliveries, everyone at The Farm, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  We will be in the shelter, so the predicted thunderstorm or rain will only cool the day and not blow things to the other side of the county. Park where convenient, but leave space for folks to enter and leave without danger. Watch for the kids running around whooping it up!

NEXT THURSDAY, July 13th, is Groups A12, B12, C12 (Weekly’s), and Groups A2, B2, and C2 at The Farm; D2 Deliveries will begin July 14th.  

Casper, Shoshoni (Riverton) Deliveries will begin July 19th.

What to expect at Pick Up?  Bring your bags or box for your veggies.  First Share is smaller:  Bagged Cauliflower and a head of Broccoli (or bag of Broccoli Mini-shoots AKA Broccolini), Summer Squash, 2 heads of Salanova Lettuce (Crisp and Butter head for that Ultimate Salad Mix), snack bag of Oregano or Thyme.  (No Extra’s Table this week–garden just getting started!)

The Store is lightly stocked this week with a case of bananas, Fuji apples, Dole Golden Pineapples, Washington apricots (little spendy, but a lot in a pound–but very good!), Avocados, and 16 clamshells of Taylor Farms Baby SpinachAll organic except for the pineapple and avocados.  We will also have some of our fresh herbs, and Blue Heron Ranch farm-fresh eggs for $3.75 dozen.  The stock will increase as we pick up speed.

Want a 10# case of Cauliflower for freezing or eating?  Ask at The Store–cost is $23.

Early Bird Vouchers can be picked up at The Store–ask Liz.  Also, any credits on your account have been rolled into the voucher.  The Store takes cash, checks, or Vouchers.  Prices are posted on the table until we get our new wall sign finished!  Vouchers are good for the season and can be used at The Store.

Diamond S Delights will be here, too, with their raw milk products, too!


See you there!   The Farmer’s Wife