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green butter salanova

The SNAP PEAS are still at Bee Healthy, and MAN ARE THEY GOOD!  Great price too at $6.00/#– Fresh and sweet, nice and crisp.  Shop Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 to 5:30-

If you haven’t tried the BROCCOLI GREENS (small head, big flavor) there are still of them available, too!  My post earlier this week (www.lloydcraftfarms.com) gave a fast and easy way to cook them–my family and friends FAVORITE!

This morning we harvested 20 heads of Green and Red Butter (for color and flavor), and Red Sweet Crisp (for loft)–THE ULTIMATE SALANOVA SALAD MIX.  Salanova is a variety of lettuce from Johnny’s Seed out of Maine.  We love it because it handles heat better than most lettuces, is not bitter, and lasts longer in the garden between harvests.  For you, the green salad folks, it is fresh and holds well in your refrigerator–easily for a week or maybe two!  And we have washed this for you! Cost of the Lettuce is $3.75 for a ziplock bag full (6.4 oz).   (Why not pick up a bundle of RED RADISHES to add to your salad?  $2.75

All our produce is raised used organically principles with an eye to your good health!   The Farmer’s Wife

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