Snap SNACK Peas! Salanova Lettuce! and MORE– Bee Healthy, June Only


Wow!  We picked 105# of snap peas TODAY–These are over 7 feet tall and were planted the first week in March.  For perspective the top of the picture is the top of the high tunnel which is 12 feet at the highest point!  Needless to say we have bags of PEAS at Bee Healthy for our community to purchase– $6.00/# (1/2# bags also available.)  Peas don’t like the heat so you can’t get these all year round–also, NO COMPARISON to the snap peas we get in the winter which come in from Mexico–

Also for sale is Salanova Lettuce– washed and ready to eat…no aphids or bugs…raised using organic principles…triple variety mix of Red Incised, Green Butter, and Red Butter.  Limited supply, but more available when those dwindle– $3.75 per ziplock bag (6.4 oz).

Two other items are Red Rover Radishes ($2.75/ bundle of 10) with the tops (which I am told are great cooked as greens), and Broccoli Greens, small head, big leaves ($3.50 in a serving bag size)

Here’s my tip on the Broccoli Greens:  get the biggest cast iron skillet you have.  Put a small amount of water in the bottom and bring it to a boil.  Add the broccoli and cover–steam a couple of minutes, remove the lid to let the water cook away.  Then add either coconut oil or olive oil, your favorite seasonings, and salt and pepper.  Cook on medium heat until tender, turning it several times to get it crisp and almost carmelized.  

You will be amazed how sweet and tender this is–and what a great flavor!  We have lots of broccoli shoots, greens, and broccolini (all names for different forms of this variety of broccoli)–Fresh is best and AGAIN no comparison to what is shipped in for us!

The thing about Broccoli and other Brassicas is they will hold for a long time in the cooler, but the flavor becomes intensified and sometimes off-putting.  The sooner you can eat them off the plant the better for flavor, tenderness, and nutrition–  Broccoli and Brassicas (Kale is one) are high in anti-oxidants and considered great anti-cancer food.  

Take advantage of the Fresh Produce at Bee Healthy through the month of JUNE–The Farmer’s Wife

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