TODAY’s the DAY! PU your BOXES at Bee Healthy- Morning preferred


Good morning!  I have your pre-ordered boxes at Bee Healthy today at 10:00 a.m.  REMEMBER that your box has fresh lettuce and we have NO refrigeration.  Stop by and pick up your box and get it home to the coolness of your fridge!

I also have limited amount of Avocados, Mangoes, 40# supply of Heirloom Oranges, lots of Organic Bananas, and Organic Seedless Red Grapes…very yummy 2-1/4# bags.  Also Organic Lemons and Limes so you can stock up on your hot lemon/vinegar morning drink–

Last day to sign up for the garden Veggies this summer.  Unlike the winter Buyer’s Group we don’t have Extra’s for sale weekly–JOIN the summer CSA.

See you at Bee Healthy!  the Farmer’s Wife

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