Buyer’s Group- Update on Last Week


I want to update Shopper’s last week on some produce that did not meet our expectations:  Strawberries, Meyer’s Lemons, Green Mangoes, Danjou Pears.

As I wrote earlier, Strawberries last week were from a company we were not familiar with and the quality was not what we expected.  They looked good on the top, but as we looked closer the next morning they were moldy.  We sorted through them all–all day!  I think we got most the spoiling ones out–accounted for over 4#–but as I found out later they had little flavor.  This week’s strawberries are Earthbound; They should have better quality but not sure the taste is going to be what we expect from strawberries.  We learned from the Raspberry people in Riverton that when there is rain berries lose a little of their sweetness, and we learned from Spokane Produce that because of the rain the humidity is higher and there is more mold.  We will try our best to not sell you rotten strawberries, but the flavor we will not have a lot of control over.

We sell the Meyer’s Lemons in nice, colorful 1# bags.  Last week I sent 2 bags to Basin and then found out later that a few of the lemons were spoiled.  If you had some spoiled lemons in your bags purchased last week, let me know and we’ll make it right.  I ordered another case this week and we’ll sort them before we put them out.  Meyer’s lemons are thin skinned and a little sweeter than regular lemons so their shelf life is shorter.  As we near the end of the season I may switch to the regular lemons which are a little tarter, but thicker skinned.

We have had mangoes for about 4 weeks.  It is the start of the season and the Yellow Mangoes have been super good.  I think the Champagne (Ataulfu) mangoes have been the best–they are the small kidney shaped mangoes with a smaller pit.  Last week the company shipped us the Green variety.  At the time we sold them they looked fine, but I took one home and it had several bad spots below the surface.  If you purchased a Green Mango last week and it was not good, let me know and we’ll get a replacement.  I have ordered more for this week, specifically requesting the Yellow variety.

Danjou pears were supposed to be Red, but they sent the regular or green.  They spoiled prematurely.  We will not order them again.

I like GOOD news with BAD news:  The Jicama has been exciting!  I hope you’ve felt a little adventurous and given them a try.  They are good cut into sticks and snacked on–surprisingly SWEET.  Texture of waterchestnuts, but more flavor.  They should be crisp and firm.  You can also stir fry them, or add them to your tossed salad.  As I posted earlier, the Broccolini was very tender and full of that broccoli flavor we like.  They need to be steamed or cooked in order to develop their flavor; Sometimes broccolini can be bitter if eaten raw.

I promise you the remaining Administrator’s Specials will be more conservative in nature–not so many new items to test.  If you want more of the broccolini and Jicama I will have both for sale again this week.

THANKS for your interest and SUPPORT– See you all tomorrow at Buyer’s Group/ Walk-in’s Welcome, Bee Healthy, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.   The Farmer’s Wife


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