Buyer’s Group B, 5th Wednesday, and more information…


Good Morning–Hope your Saturday is buzzing with activity and JOY!  A quick update on a few items:  Buyer’s Group B this week and Walk-in’s Welcome, Wednesday at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave…New Page called “What Produce at Buyer’s Group?” 5th WEDNESDAY SPECIAL BOX available March 29th!…read on…

Buyer’s Group B–ADMINISTRATOR’s SPECIAL–1# Strawberries and 3 Rio Star Grapefruit, Cucumber, Broccolini/Broccolette to steam or roast, fresh new Green Cabbage, Jumbo Red Onion, Pint of Mini Sweet Snack Peppers, “Mexican Potato” Jicama, Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuces–$25.

New Page called “What Produce at Buyer’s Group?”…What can members and walk-in’s expect for extra produce to buy?  Instead of me listing it in this post, check it out at , we have a new page under the Buyer’s Group Tab.  I’ll update the page weekly with what I expect to have, instead of posting it in the weekly post…this should save me time and make the posts a quicker read.

WHILE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT VEGGIES–If you are not a member of Group A or B, or if you are a member of Group A or B, AND would like a SPECIAL BOX on March 29th, let me know, 20 boxes available.

WHY a Special Box on March 29th? Group A & B are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday’s of each month.  MARCH has a 5th Wednesday–so I’m opening it up to Walk-in’s or others to try for that day.  $25, email me to reserve a box ( or text to 431-1219.

My plan for the Box contents is a kaleidoscope of Citrus, clamshell of ORG Rubie tomatoes, Broccoli, Cucumber, Green Bell Pepper, Red Potatoes, Onion, and a head of Leaf Lettuce–all veggies ORGANIC, plan subject to change depending on what is available that week from the Produce Company and at what price.  Box cost is $25 which saves you money off buying the produce individually. 


Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife — Don’t forget to get signed up for the CSA–join and pay before April 15th and get a Voucher worth $25 to use at Pick Up Day in The Store.

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  1. Posted by Cheryle Angelo on March 18, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Hi Teri just thought I would pass along that the strawberries I got on Wed were not good. Unfortunately I ended up just throwing them away. They appeared red but were really dry and hard. I see you have them again so just a heads up. Cabbage was sure nice and mild though. Have a nice weekend

    • Thanks, Cheryle– duly noted. We knew they were not great quality when we got them as we pulled out 4# that were moldy. I agree–I had to dump a ton of sugar on the sliced ones I had to get any flavor. We have requested Earthbound for this week–I doubt we will get any GREAT strawberries this season. California rains have leached the sweetness and increased the chance of mold. Cabbage is GREAT–new crop with sweetness and a higher enzyme level to help with the digestion! Thanks, Cheryle– Terri

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