Cauliflower Soup

If you are looking for something to do with that large head of Cauliflower you have in your fridge, here is an idea:  Cauliflower Soupvery simple and very good…I have leeks for sale, but you can substitute white onions.  This recipe uses the blender, but an immersion blender works, too…and I’ve even used the food processor, though you have to be careful you don’t fill it over the liquid line.  (Recipe is posted at , Recipe tab, Recipe #62.)  

Cauliflower is in the Brassica family–high in antioxidants, and a great veggie for health.  I always buy a case to sell for Extra’s at Buyer’s Group!  Cauliflower, with Broccoli, is said to have anti-cancer properties, and is nutrient dense…A good prebiotic to feed your growing fauna in your healthy gut.  Taking probiotic supplements is of little value if you can’t keep them thriving and balanced.

Remember: raw, steamed, broiled or grilled, boiled…that’s the order to think in terms of the most nutrition.  Raw–fresher the better…Steamed, grilled, or broiled makes veggies easier to digest and you aren’t sacrificing a ton of nutrients that leach out in the water when boiled…if boiled, drink the water or hold it for soup liquids.  

If you can’t eat it raw, then frozen, dehydrated, pickled, canned is the order of processing to retain the most nutrition.  We can’t always have everything raw…and wouldn’t that get a little boring…so we look to freeze, dry, pickle, or can it so we can enjoy it later and have something through the winter months–  🙂

In your GOOD Health–The Farmer’s Wife


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