Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome

Aughhhhhhh!!!!  Saturday’s are CRAZY– Anywho–

We will NOW be at Bee Healthy EVERY Wednesday!  The Buyer’s Group has been split–Members are either Group A or Group B.  If you have not heard from me and you picked up January 4th, you are Group A.  (12 people were moved from Group A to Group B and they know who they are–)  If you just signed up this week you are Group B.  If you have any questions–Confused?  CALL ME-   431-1219

OK–now…What to Expect in the Special?  (Monday I will post a list of the Extra’s to buy by members and Walk-in’s–)

3# Garnet Sweet Potatoes, 4# Heirloom Oranges (good for eating and juicing), our own Purple carrots, Cauliflower, Avocado, our own Candy onion, Yellow Bell Pepper, Caesar Salad Mix, our own Honey Bear Acorn squash.  $25

If you need help or recipes on any of these items, let me know!  If you have special items you need for your own personal recipes, let me know and I can order them.  (Keep in mind, I order Saturday for Wednesday.)  For example, I am ordering Fennel Bulbs for 2 members and limes for another.  These are not items I usually sell because not enough folks buy them…What I don’t sell we eat (literally and financially)–


Stay warm!  Eat Well!-  The Farmer’s Wife

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