Why Organic Produce?

Why bother with Organics or organically raised, whole foods…produce raised without chemicals, farm fresh eggs, pastured beef with no hormones or antibiotics, free-range chickens, fruits with no pesticides.  Why try to seek such things?

Everyone has to have their own motivation, but for me…it is health.  Our bodies work better if they are given stuff they can process and breakdown with less complications or problems.  We can ‘fudge’ for a while, but eventually toxins and poisons will build up in our bodies.  The American diet is loaded with foods that ‘gum’ up the system, and leave ‘crud’ floating around in the blood stream that slows down and impedes our normal metabolism and self preservation processes.  We can take steps to help the body:  drink lots of clean water and drink herbal teas…have a day of fast once a month…do a detox or liver cleanse.  Why not take preventive steps and avoid those things you can identify as counter-productive to a smooth running body?  

The starting point is the food you eat.  This is what fuels us, helps us rest and think, keeps us healthy.  It is not the only factor, but it is the easiest to control.  Start with buying organic–avoid the chemicals, GMO, and excessive additives.  It’s best to buy produce that is fresh and locally raised using organic practices.  We are offering a means to do that:  CSA from July to September with our own vegetables raised in our garden, more farm raised produce for November and December, and USDA certified Organics from January through May.  How great is that for Worland, Wyoming?!

Check out the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome.  First one is January 4th at the back of Bee Healthy.  Open to everyone!  

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  1. Posted by Cathy on January 3, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Good blog on “why.” I appreciate all you do for this community with your garden and the produce you bring in. 💜c

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