Special Box #6- Don’t miss out!

We have 10 Boxes still available–Don’t miss out…produce is going quickly.  Where else in the Big Horn Basin can you get your own locally grown vegetables with this much variety?  Limited offer as our coolers get emptied out…which is a good thing–

Cost is $22/ $26.00 value.  Text 431-1219 or email craftterri@rtconnect.net.

SPECIAL BOX #6:  Head of Celery, 2# bag Tri-Color Carrots (2 purples and orange), Kaitlin Cabbage (great for slaw, cabbage burgers, or fermenting), Yellow Sweet Onion(s), 2# bag Fingerling Potato Mix, Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash (just as sweet and as smooth of texture as the name implies), and 1# bag Brussels sprouts

I will be at Bee Healthy Friday– IN PERSON– to answer any questions on the upcoming Buyer’s Group, and to fill the membership openings!  Looking forward to meeting new people that have been ordering the last two months from Fall Friday Sales, and seeing old friends!  🙂

The Farmer’s Wife

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