Update on The Farm

Frost is finally on its way!  No complaints here–it IS the first week in October–  I harvested all the good bell peppers and Poblano peppers as best I could with the rain and mud…also the Habaneros that hadn’t cracked from the cold temperatures.  The Farmer got here just in time– 15 minutes before sunset–to help cover the Yum Yum Snack Peppers, Jalapeno peppers, and celery.  They are now under a woven row cover that should protect them up to 4 degrees…so if it’s 33 it should be 37 under the blanket.  

I’m sorry to report that I got stuck this morning with the mule (4 wheeler)…I did get out…for which I am quite proud. 🙂   Unfortunately, I took out a chunk of bell pepper plants, but only after I had pulled up half a dozen and thrown them under the wheels for traction–the mule was almost up to its axles in mud.  When I stomped on the gas peddle I came flying out of the mud, backwards, and crossed over into the bell pepper bed coming to an abrupt stop on the top of a dozen plants, and was stuck again.  But I am resourceful!  I was able to rock my way out of that situation, only taking out the top part of three other beds as I did a sharp bee-line toward the gate.  As I was 4-wheeling down the beet row to freedom, I almost came to a grinding halt three feet from the road–I squeezed my eyes closed and asked God for one little boost–and then I was FREE.  As I said–I am quite proud that I got out all by myself…I was harvesting in the rain by myself this morning.  I was beaming…until I looked behind me:  I guess I did leave a trail of destruction… 🙁


Anyway, we are expecting the weather to co-operate tomorrow, and there will be more help.  Digging the Cosmic carrots in preparation of the Thursday Shares–also harvesting cabbage, more broccoli, celery, and pumpkins…bagging the potatoes,  carrots, and green beans, too.  Hope to include some onions and a watermelon.  Hey–If anyone wants a Crimson Sweet Heirloom, let me know…we are giving them away!

Just a little note so you can know how much fun we have doing this labor of love!!

The Farmer’s Wife


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