First Week in October–

First Week in October is the last share for the 2016 Season–can you believe it!!  We are asking that all Members Pick Up on Thursday at The Farm–4:15 to 6:00 p.m.-NO DELIVERIES THAT WEEK.  The Store will be open to all with Fruit, Lettuce mixes and Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Garlic, Ginger root, and off the beaten path items such as Grimmway Organic Juices–Bring your bucks and stock up for the month!  (Last chance to use up your Voucher!!)

I can’t tell you exactly what we will have, but I can tell you what we have left in the garden to include in the Shares:

Green Cabbage–Kaitlin is a huge, white-centered, thin-leaved cabbage great for sauerkraut and cabbage burgers alike.  Not bad in coleslaw either.  Sweet flavor.  We are trying to harvest them before they reach full maturity at 8#!  This cabbage can be kept several months in a cool place.

Carrots–Not sure how many of what kind…But, can tell you we have Sugarsnax (Orange and LONG), Purple Haze, and Deep Purple– I like purple… 🙂  (This is an item we hope to store for sales in November and December.)

Broccoli or Cauliflower–success with the 2nd and 3rd plantings!  After struggling through the summer months, we usually have broccoli in the shares all summer and cauliflower in the early summer, we finally have a crop because of the cooling temperatures.  The broccoli variety we are harvesting now has 1# to 1-3/4# heads and can withstand a hard frost. Cauliflower is in lesser quantities and will probably be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Choice of Onion–Colossal-sized Spanish Type, Sierra Blanca White, or Red Zeppelin…

Green Beans–I don’t know if I have enough gumption to get them harvested, but I think we have a good amount of French Beans that are ready, and some of the Green Beans that are a good enough size to thoroughly enjoy.

Pumpkin–we try to give each member one Connecticut Field pumpkin!  These are good for Jack-O-Lanterns as well as pies!  (Some of our other Winter Squash are at IGA–consider buying them there to let them know how important it is to stock and buy from local growers in addition to their Warehouse!  They will also be selling our pumpkins–we’re planning on delivery the second week in October–)

Watermelons–we will open up the cooler for you to TAKE watermelons home…this is the end of the season and what is not ‘removed’ by members, will be removed by us to the compost pile…  🙂

See you Thursday, October 6th, at The Farm– The Farmer’s Wife


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