Week 12–CSA Information

Good morning!

Week #12 for the CSA–Wow, the garden season has zipped by!  

October will be upon us–garden will be put to rest–hopefully shelter will be enclosed–Then we will be making preparation for Fall Friday Sales:  Bulk Potatoes, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and lots of variety of Winter Squash.  Fall Friday Sales will be posted here with orders taken for delivery in town on Friday’s for the month of November and December.  In January we start the Buyer’s Group/ Walk-in’s Welcome!

But for now–this week we are looking at the following items for the shares:

Celeriac–AKA Celery Root.  Very aromatic and packed with celery flavor-  will keep in your fridge for several weeks.  Great in soups! (I’d be content just setting it on the edge of the desk and sniffing it every 10 minutes–)

Red Thumb Fingerlings, or Kaitlin Cabbage for the Thursday Pick Up.  Kaitlin is a large head of cabbage with a nice white center.  This is what makes it so great for sauerkraut–yet the leaves are tender enough for cabbage burgers, cabbage rolls, or soups.  Head will keep in a cool place for 2-3 months.  Once cut I would store it in the fridge, but you can carve off of it for weeks…

Other items are onions, Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers, Tiren Paste tomatoes, a winter squash (Delicata, Red Kuri, or Acorn), and the last of the season Extazy mini-watermelon.

Fruit for the week is the usual, but no peaches or pears from Utah…no avocados…Still have a box of Honeycrisp apples!

Kris with Diamond S Delights will be here with her raw milk products!

We will be making the deliveries Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday…see the rest of you on Thursday at The Farm–4:15 to 6:00.

The Farmer’s Wife



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