Week 11- Shares

Wow!  This is week #11–two more Shares after this week:  September 29th and October 6th.  (Leap-Frogger’s are September 29th for their Grand Finale-No Leap-Frogger’s this week.)

What are we anticipating for Shares:  

Green beans for deliveries, Broccoli for Thursday Pick up (I hope),

Deadon cabbage or purple cauliflower for deliveries, Brussels sprouts for Thursday Pick Up (I hope)

Yum Yum Snack Peppers for all (I hope)

Granadero or Artisan Cherry Tomatoes for deliveries, Granadero paste tomatoes for Thursday (I hope)

Hot Pepper Mix for all (no Habaneros)

Hooligan Sweet Pumpkins for all

Whatever melon is good–either a Captivation red seedless watermelon or Athena Cantaloupe (I hope)

I am hopeful!!  Let us forge forward–  The Hopeful Farmer’s Wife

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