Farmer’s Market Melons

We are loading the truck to head to town for FARMER’S MARKET–8:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Look for our TRUCK in the alley way, north end of the vendors, next to the BREAD LADY!

Freshly harvested Captivation, seedless Red Watermelon–Allsweet Variety like the Heirloom Crimson Sweets.  More of the crisp Orange Crisp, and yellow Butterball Seedless watermelons.  Also, hope to have a small supply of Full Moon melons- lime green flesh, high brix sweet, and some Honey White Honey Dew’s.  

You can feel the end of the melon season in the air–Take advantage…no Vine-ripened until next August!

The Farmer’s Wife

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