Grass Fed Beef for SALE!

I shared some information at Thursday Pick UP several weeks ago–But here it is again!

Big Trails Natural Beef, Ten Sleep, Brandon and Megan Greet– 272-7079 or email

Order now, Payment due October 15th, Beef processed November 7th.  

Big Trails Bundle- around 52#—- $300

Quarter Beef- around 156#—- $825 (You save $75)

Half Beef- around 312.5#—- $1600 (You save $200)

Whole Beef- around 625#—- $3100 (You save $500)

“Big Trails Natural Beef has never been treated with hormones or fed GMO’s.  We always treat our animals humanely and out program meets the Global Animal Partnership’s Level 4 animal welfare requirements.  We sell all natural, grass fed, omega 3 enriched, Black Angus, local, quality beef for your enjoyment and peace of mind.”


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