CSA Pick Up TODAY!– Thursday

This is the 9th week–and it is loaded! Pick Up 4:15 to 6:00 at The Farm

Share this week is Butternut Squash and a melonFrench Fingerling potatoes…GREEN BEANS…Broccolette (YAY!!- a treat)…Rocky Mountain Bells…more tomatoes and some cucumbers.

We have MushroomsPeaches, Pears, Apples, Plums, Raspberries, Bananas, Oranges, Lemons…Ginger root…Our own Salanova… Fresh Express Spinach— All these, plus more Watermelons and Cantaloupe, are for sale at The Store…south side of the Shelter.

Diamond S Delights will be here again with the raw milk products–and we also have Farm Fresh Eggs.

I am filling canner’s orders, so come and pick up your tomatoes and onions and peppers if you pre-ordered.

Want to get some tomatoes and fixings for salsa?  Sign up with The Farmer’s Wife for pick up next week.  I also have some cucumbers, and herbs for Spaghetti Sauce. No corn, broccoli or cauliflower this year.  🙁

See you today– The Farmer’s Wife


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