The Store–CSA Pick Up Day

I happy to report that Elizabeth and I have decided to order some MUSHROOMS for The Store this upcoming week–and will also bag some Red Norland Potatoes for our meat and potato fans–

The Store will have Fresh Express Spinach and Sweet Lettuce Mix, LOTS OF FRUITwhich is now in season:  MT Italian Prunes, UT Peaches and Pears, WA Tsugaru apples (Honey Crisp/Golden), RIVERTON Raspberries— and the usual organic bananas, avocados, blueberries and blackberries, green seedless grapes.

A new addition for this week is Pineapple!

We are doing a fresh picking of the Orange Crisp, Butterball, and Mini-Watermelons…will have some Heirloom Crimson Sweets for sale, too.  (They are averaging 20#–great addition for any family picnic or gathering!)

Athena Cantaloupe, French Cantaloupe, and Sugar Cubes from $2.00 to $2.50. Brand new variety of Honey Dew–Full Moon.  (Full Moon is green fleshed and juicy!  Probably the best Honey Dew around–next to the Snow Leopard!)

We have 4 more Pick Up’s in this 2016 season–if you haven’t used up your voucher for the lettuce and fruit–get it done!

The Farmer’s Wife


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