This Thursday we will have gobs of great fruit:  Utah Peaches, Montana Italian Plums, Washington Apples, and the usual grapes, oranges, strawberries, blackberries, lemons, avocados, and all of our wonderful MELONS!

This Thursday is Leap-Frogger’s, too!  And the raw milk lady with Diamond S Delights out of Hyattville will be here with her wares–Try some of the Lemon Yogurt–YUM!!

Fresh Eggs from Janet Heron and Erica Brown–$3.75/dozen.

Shares this week will contain Carrots, Spaghetti or Acorn Squash, Artisan Cherry tomatoes, Yum-Yum Snack peppers, Harmonie cucumbers, and an Athena cantaloupe.  No more corn this season–the raccoons tripped the electric fence.  🙁

Trying to get the Canner’s Shares put together–anticipate a call and be ready to get things canned up for Winter enjoyment!

The Farmer’s Wife–



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