Melons & Farmer’s Market

Melons are ready and we are harvesting heavily!

Farmer’s Market this Saturday, August 20th.  Stop by, say HI, and pick up some of our wonderful melons–Starts at 8:00 a.m.

$2.50 each for the Cantaloupe and Honey Dew.

$2.50 for the Snow Leopard Melons.

$2.00 for the French Charentais and Sugar Cube individual cantaloupe.

(Tail-end of the First Harvests of Athena’s that were picked August 12th–still firm and tasty–
$1.75 each…come early…Available while supply lasts on the First Harvest’s.)

Watermelons are ready as well!–Crimson Sweet seeded Heirlooms for $.24/#, Mini-Seedless Watermelons for $3.50.

We will be at the Worland Farmer’s Market–See you there!

The Farmer’s Wife

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