Week 6 Shares– More Melons!

Not to neglect everyone this time of year–Here’s what we are hoping to get into the Shares this week for the THURSDAY Pick UP:

One of the most beautiful heads of CABBAGE you should hope to see– Murdoch!  Color, flavor (both raw and cooked), pointed shape, and size are all outstanding!  This is the first year we have raised the Murdoch–it has long storage capability and is great for making sauerkraut.  I can see why!  With the tall heads the leaves are larger–less core and more leaf!  As a storage cabbage it has thicker leaves than the early greens– Unfortunately, only the Thursday group gets these due to their size.  We can’t get them in the Share Bags for deliveries!  (We do sell these by the 20# cases–)

Other possibilities are some tomatoes that are just starting to ripen, Asian Eggplant in two colors, Green Bell Peppers, Sierra Blanca White onions, Bagged Cauliflower, and a nice, sweet mini-watermelon to snack on for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…buy a couple to last the week…try the French Charentais, Sugar Cube Cantaloupe, Snow Leopard Honey Dew, Honey Dew, and the Eastern Shipper Cantaloupe: Athena.  We also have some larger cantaloupe known as Ariel.

For Sale in The Store–Our own Salanova in a ziplock bag, homegrown Fennel Bulbs, Cantaloupe and other melons (visit the cooler and pick your OWN!), Fresh Express Spinach in a tub…Fruits are Bananas, Avocados, Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Red Seedless Grapes, and Lemons…All ORGANIC.  I also have organic ginger root!

Consider buying melons for your friends or on behalf of your friends!  The CSA Pick Up is for members, but melon sales are not limited to just the CSA–Our cup runneth over with melons….if you know what I mean…Help us move them!! (Non-members:  watch for more information where our melons will be outside of The Farm for you to buy direct…coming to a merchant downtown or in Ten Sleep…still working out the particulars…)

Hope to have some Peaches from Utah the last week of August.  To order your own box, contact Karen Fettig of Manderson.  Her contact information is in an earlier post–

The Farmer’s Wife

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