Week 5 Shares

Share offerings:  How about Red Norland Potatoes for everyone, Sweet Corn (wrestled some away from the coons for all but Thursday), Alcosa Cabbage (savoyed) for Thursday group, Melons for everyone (Honey Dew, Galia, maybe Athena or French), more Mokum Carrots or Red Beets or French Green Beans (for those that didn’t get them yet)…Another Onion, Hot Pepper Pack or Sweet Antohi’s, Snack Cucumbers in a Bag or Lemon Cucumbers?

Zucchini is now relegated to the Extra’s Table, along with the slicing Cucumbers and some odds and ends of Peppers.  We are also putting Eggplant on the Extra’s Table–first come, first serve.  (For those on the delivery routes we will add cucumber and zucchini to your Share as you don’t have the benefit of the Extra’s Table…but you are always welcome to appear on any Thursday between 4:30 and 6:00 and partake!)

Fruit choices this week are Gingergold apples, avocados, bananas, oranges, lemons, red grapes, 2# bag of stone fruit (Pluots, apricots, peaches, plums), blackberries and strawberries, and Bartlett Pears.  (I still have frozen organic bananas–$4.00 for 8–dipped in organic lemon juice…can be used in smoothies, or rolled in chocolate and sprinkles for a summer treat–sorry did not put a stick in them–)

Greens are some of our own Salanova (small mixed heads in a ziplock bag), Fresh Express Herb Salad and Baby Spinach.

Other items in The Store may be Broccolini, more Fennel with fronds, garlic, ginger root, and farm fresh eggs.  (The egg ladies have agreed to drop their price so we are selling the eggs for $3.75 a dozen now–organically raised chickens, in Worland.)

Don’t forget to check out Diamond S Delights from Hyattville with their Raw Milk products!

Good Eating–fresh and local, right from the FARM!  The Farmer’s Wife 

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