Carrots and Green Beans – CSA Share

Leap-Frogs this WEEK!  Share can include carrots, beets, green beans, a type of pepper (Antohi, Islander Bell, or Green Bell), onions (either scallions or fresh sweet), a type of cucumber (Sultan, Tasty Jade, Striped Armenian, Lemon, or European Snack Picklers), and the last share of summer squash (Zucchini and/or Yellows)…MAYBE a melon.   (Melons are getting close!)  Share will not include all these items, but it will include 4-6 of the items mentioned.  

Let me explain why all the shares are not the same.  We have 132 members in the CSA.  In order to manage the quantities in the garden, we have divided the membership into four distribution groups…we are real creative…Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D.  What this means is not everyone has the exact same veggies each week, but within the group the Shares are the same.  Some items are difficult to have for everyone at the same time.  Take carrots and green beans, for example.

Last week we harvested what was ready in two beds of early carrots.  They were dug, washed, sorted, and bags–we had 420.  That was 70 bags of 6 for 70 people.   These went to Group D–Thursday afternoon Pick Up group.  As the remaining carrots become ready, we will dig them and they will go to the other groups.  Everyone will get a bag, but not all at the same time.

Another example:  We started harvesting French Petite Green Beans Thursday morning.  After 2 days of harvest I have 20#.  In another 3 days I hope to have another 20#. And the following three days another 20#…and so forth.  What this means is that some of the groups will get beans this week, and some next week, and the rest the following week.  Everyone will have green beans during the season.

BTW–We have invested 3-1/2 hours in picking those 20#, not to mention weighing and bagging time.  If you are not fond of green beans, and they will most likely spoil in your fridge, do not take them.  We can use them for another Group.   🙂

Looking forward to Week 4!  The Farmer’s Wife

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